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With the truce in effect for a number of years now, the Inner Sphere has been hard at work. This title provides all the gaming information needed on the newest combat vehicles and BattleMechs being designed & produced in the Inner Sphere (as well as a specific 'oldie'), and information on the less well-known Clan BattleMechs now uncovered.


  • Introduction - briefing
Demi-Precentor V-sigma Merle Jimmus, ComStar (dated 25 January 3058)

Precentor VI-Lambda/Omega Igarashi Miya, ComStar (19 January, 3058)

Sprint Maultier Centipede Warrior Blizzard
Cavalry Kestral Badger Galleon Karnov
Peregrine Yellow Jacket Hunter Pegasus Plainsman
Striker Goblin Regulator Bandit Fulcrum
Maxim Vedette SRM Carrier LRM Carrier Manticore
Po Tokugawa Pilum Typhoon Brutus
Padilla Zhukov Partisan Challenger Alacorn

Adept X-Omega Frances Pryce, ComStar (4 January, 3058)

Raptor Owens Strider Firestarter Blackjack
Black Hawk-KU Avatar Sunder Nexus Falcon Hawk
Night Hawk Spector Talon Chameleon Enfield
Raijin Starslayer Bushwacker Lineholder Lynx
Merlin Cestus Excalibur Shootist Dragon Fire
Maelstrom Grand Crusader O-Bakemono Spartan Striker
Longbow Emperor Nightstar Devastator Mackie
Pillager Thunder Hawk

  • Clan BattleMechs: The results of increased and more-detailed intelligence
Adept XIV-Omega Jared Pascal, ComStar (4 January, 3058)

Piranha Fire Falcon Hankyu Battle Cobra Grendel
Shadow Cat Hunchback IIC Nobori-nin Black Lanner Thresher
Cauldron-Born Crossbow Grizzly Night Gyr Kingfisher
Supernova Turkina Kodiak