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| name = Technical Readout: 3075

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Technical Readout: 3075 contains stats for units of all types broken down into two sections. The first sections details weapons of war that were created during the first half of the Jihad, while the second section describes those that first rolled off the production line during the Age of War. In addition to making use of the weapons first seen in Total Warfare, TRO:3075 also contains some units that use non-tournament legal equipment found in Tactical Operations.

From the Back Cover

In November 3067 the Second Star League disbanded. The Word of Blake - a splinter group of ComStar - had been on the verge of joining in fulfillment of ancient prophecies. Denied their dream, the Blakists sought to preserve the Star League against the follies of the Houses, but its fanaticism manifested this noble goal as the Jihad: a horrific war that has pitted every faction against each other and even themselves. Against such an anvil, new cutting edge machines of war are marched into the fire. The discovery of an ancient Hegemony Memory Core graphically showcases the desperation of the conflict, as primitive 'Mechs not seen on a battlefield since the dawn of 'Mech production over half a millennia ago once again appear.

Classic BattleTech Technical Readout: 3075 provides a comprehensive look at the latest machines of war debuting during the Jihad: from 'Mechs to battle armor, Support Vehicles to DropShips and more. In addition, a complete "Age of War" section covers the Terran Hegemony and each of the five Great Houses during the Age of War, including the very first BattleMechs produced by each faction and how such machines are starting to appear once more. Each military vehicle is illustrated in detail, accompanied by a description of its history, capabilities, game stats, and some of the unit's most famous pilots.


  • Introduction
Chandrasekhar Kurita (31 January 3075)

  • Cutting Edge
Mirza Peter Abdulsattah

  • Inner Sphere
Nighthawk Tornado Djinn Kobold Asura
Rottweiler Se'irim Trinity Void Phalanx
Tengu Grenadier Hauberk Nephilim Shedu
Crow MIT 23 Tamerlane Saxon Hiryo
Danai Condor JES I Thumper DI Morgan
Jifty Oppie
Malak Valiant Wight Mongoose II Preta
Legionnaire Eyleuka Grigori Patriot Deva
Defiance Warlord Seraph Archangel Titan II
Shade Rusalka Striga Aurora
Leopard Union Mule Excalibur

  • Clan
Aerie Afreet Clan Battle Armor Corona Rogue Bear
Bellona SM1 Bear Cub
Crimson Hawk Ocelot Pariah Sun Cobra Balius
Ryoken II Cygnus Jupiter
Erinyes Cecerops Orc Procyon Chrysaor
Basilisk Triton Delphyne
  • Age of War
Kyn Johannson, HTE Marketing and Research

  • Terran Hegemony
SLDF Royal Units
Cobra Turhan Merkava Mk. VIII Jackrabbit Kyudo
Galahad Helepolis Atlas II Mackie Hellcat
Manatee Pentagon Dictator Model 96 Colossus

  • Draconis Combine
Sabaku Kaze Daimyo HQ Gladiator Von Rohrs Kiso
Sabre Vulture Samarkand

  • Federated Suns
Darter Prometheus BattleAxe Hammerhands Jabberwocky
Centurion Vampire Robinson

  • Capellan Confederation
Korvin Stork Firebee Koschei Xanthos
DemolitionMech Lightning Du Shi Wang

  • Free Worlds League
Mauna Kea Paramour Icarus II Patron Eagle
Deathstalker Aquarius Lyonesse Explorer

  • Lyran Commonwealth
Marsden II Buffel VII Crossbow Ymir Lumberjack
Typhoon Thunderbird Tharkad

  • Periphery
Ignis Dromedary Toro Phoenix
Quasit Vulcan