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Find all references to year 3134 - See also: Years Policy


  • Anastasia Kerensky leads the Steel Wolves' assault on Terra. They are repulsed by the the Republic of the Sphere and the Northwind Highlanders.
  • Clan Jade Falcon attacks the Lyran Commonwealth on their way to The Republic of the Sphere.
  • The Capellan Confederation invades the Republic of the Sphere.
    • Confederation forces, combined with the local resistance, fight the Republic for control of Liao.
    • The planetary Governor of Liao orders the Republic of the Sphere to leave the planet and announces Liao's return to the Capellan Confederation.
  • The Marik-Stewart Commonwealth fails to capture Stewart.
  • Clan Jade Falcon conquers Skye.
  • The Dragon's Fury launches a campaign against the planetary government on New Rhodes III.




  • Luthien Armor Works introduces the Oni battle armor suit to service.
  • Black Wolf battle armor is created by scientists from both halves of Clan Wolf.
  • Victory Conditions Industries and Eris Enterprises Design Group begin production of the Jackalope BattleMech.
  • Manufacturers on Arc-Royal begin production of the Cuchulainn battle armor.
  • StarCorps Industries introduces the Tortoise II battle armor for trials in the Republic of the Sphere.
  • Republic Institute of Strategic Combat's Advanced Point Defense System enters limited production for it's Battle Armor size units.
  • The RISC Hyper Laser enters prototype development.