Arthur Davion

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Arthur Davion
Born 2410
Died 2447
Affiliation House Davion
Profession Major
Parents Edward Davion (father)[1]
Rachel Masters (mother)[1]

Arthur Davion (b. ca. 2410 - d. 2447) was the son of Edward Davion, eighth President of the Federated Suns.[1]


Early Life[edit]

Arthur's mother, Rachel Masters, was the daughter of Virgil Masters, the delegate to the High Council of the Federated Suns for the planet Numenor. Rachel was a well-known socialite on the Arcadian circuit, prior to her marriage to Edward Davion, one of the twin sons of President Etien Davion.[1] After Edmund Davion became President of the Federated Suns, both Edmund and his brother Edward married. Both brothers had avoided marriage prior to Edmund becoming President, as their mother - Marion Michaels - had arranged to keep both Edmund and Edward unmarried and childless, intent on ensuring that both could be used to form political alliances in the future.[2]

Rachel's marriage to Edward in 2409 came as quite a shock on New Avalon, where Edward had a well-deserved reputation as a rake who had slept with the wife and daughters of every prominent figure on the Federated Suns political circuit. The only person not surprised by the wedding was apparently Edward's mother, who commented that Edward "would have married a tree slug if he thought it was secure his inheritance."[1] Despite being married, Edward continued to conduct any number of affairs, none of which he tried to hide from public view, and he went so far as to refer to Rachel as his "senior wife"; by the time of Edward's death in 2417, Arthur was the only legitimate child of Edward's - but one of as many as twenty children he'd reportedly sired during his lifetime.[1]

Edward was intent on Arthur succeeding him as President of the Federated Suns - an aspiration Edward's mother had shared, asking Edward on her death bed to ensure that their blood remained on the throne. When Edmund died in 2415, after an eight-year period in which Edward had been the power behind the throne,[2] Edward swiftly consolidated his control of the throne, having Edmund's mother and her lover tried for treason and executed, while having Arthur's illegitimate cousin Judith removed from the public eye and strangled to death.[3]

Edward ruled with increasing cruelty and greed until his death in 2417 at the hands of Arthur's cousin, Simon Davion, the only son of former President Paul Davion. Between Etien, Edmund and Edward Davion, the Federated Suns had suffered more than two decades of capricious, destructive leadership that had caused the economy to plummet, even as the Age of War began, prompting battles and warfare on the borders of the realm. Edward's rule was so unpopular that it prompted an open conspiracy, the November Conspiracy, against him and nearly plunged the Federated Suns into civil war. Against that backdrop, many were disillusioned with the Davion family, and when Simon was appointed President - and, shortly after, began reorganising the realm and creating the post of First Prince - many expected him to have Arthur executed.[1]

Instead of arranging for Arthur's death, Simon instead allowed him to live, a decision that historians tend to ascribe to either Simon's ability to judge character, or a simple statment of confidence on Simon's part that he had sufficient control of the political system to prevent Arthur successfully asserting his claim to the throne, or enacting vengeance against him.[1]

Military Career[edit]

In 2428 Arthur joined the Federated Peacekeeping Forces. Joining the newly-organized Combat Marines as an officer, he went on to serve with distinction in campaigns against both the Capellan Confederation and Terran Hegemony. Arthur deliberately avoided marrying, possibly to reassure Simon that he held no dynastic aspirations for the throne, despite having a legitimate claim. Arthur reached the rank of Major in the FPF, and was serving as a battalion commander during the FPF campaign to put down a rebellion on Alsek when he was killed in action. Arthur's last words were reported to be "Perhaps now they'll forget what my father did to them", but his legacy was instead to be largely forgotten to history. Those historians who remembered Arthur as more than a footnote to the Davion family tree viewed him as a man of high character who possibly deserved to rule - a direct contrast to his father - but one who never had the opportunity, due to an accident of history.[1]


Arthur's date of birth has been presumed to be in 2410, to match up with him joining the FPF in 2428, presumably at the age of 18.[1]


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