Barrymore Munitions

Barrymore Munitions
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Solaris VII
Primary Products Ammunition

Barrymore Munitions is a manufacturer of specialist ammunition based on Solaris VII.


Although very expensive by 3053 standards, the ammunition made by Barrymore Munitions is worth the price and they are in high demand. Their creations include:

  • 80mm artillery round for the Armstrong cannon able to discharge inferno propellant
  • Missiles able to act like torpedoes (ideal for submerged combat) that more than double their specifications range
  • Shaped-charged warheads with enormous penetration power
  • ECM-jamming rounds

These modifications are too unstable for real military operations, though their benefits usually outweigh their risks.[1]




Facilities include the Barrymore Munitions Works[1] in Joppa and the Barrymore Range[2] in Roland Fields.


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