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  • MediaWiki was updated from v1.19 to v1.24
  • Sphinx search is being used in place of the built-in MediaWiki search. This is a faster and smarter search engine. Result show better context (rather than the Wiki formatting).
  • (bare-HTML mobile front-end) was re-enabled and updated. Very mobile-friendly now.
  • Extensions added: Interwiki, LocalisationUpdate, Poem, SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi, TitleBlacklist, WikiEditor, CheckUser
  • Extensions updated: Cite, ConfirmEdit, Gadgets, ImageMap, Inputbox, Nuke, ParserFunctions, Renameuser, SpamBlacklist, WikiEditor
  • Extension removed: ArticleFeedback, ClickTracking, EmailCapture, PrefSwitch, SimpleSurvey