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| Tech Base = [[Inner Sphere]]
| Tech Base = [[Inner Sphere]]
| Year Availability = [[2812]] (Prototype)
| Year Availability = [[2812]] (Prototype)
| Heat = 16
| Heat = 12
| Damage = 12
| Damage = 16
| Minimum Range = n/a
| Minimum Range = n/a
| Short Range = 1-5
| Short Range = 1-5

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Binary Laser Cannon
Production information
Type Energy (Direct-Fire)
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Year Availability 2812 (Prototype)
Technical specifications
Heat 12
Damage 16
Minimum Range n/a
Short Range 1-5
Medium Range 6-10
Long Range 11-15
Tons 9
Critical Slots 4
Ammo Per Ton n/a
Cost (unloaded) 200,000
Ammo Cost (per ton) n/a
BV (1.0) n/a
BV (2.0) 296

Nicknamed the Blazer, the Binary Laser Cannon is widely considered a dead end technology. Taking two large laser cores and fusing them together, the Blazer was designed to fire both cores at the same time, increasing damage penetration. In practice, damage yield proved low compared to the lasers firing separately, and the high heat generated by the Blazer severely taxed available heat sink technology of the time.

While research on the Blazer started in the Lyran Commonwealth in 2801, actual prototype models first showed up in the Free Worlds League in 2812.

With the introduction of double heat sinks, the Blazer cannon is now a viable weapon.

{Note: Earlier runs of Tactical Operations contained an error that switched the heat and damage values of the Binary Laser Cannon. }