Caradoc Trevena

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"Doc" Trevena
Caradoc Trevena
Also known as "Doc"
Born 3022[1]
Died 22 January 3073[2]
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth, Federated Commonwealth, Star League Defense Force, Com Guards
Rank Hauptmann (Lyran Alliance), General (Star League Defense Force)
Profession MechWarrior

Caradoc "Doc" Trevena (born 3022 – died 22 January, 3073, aged 51 years) was a Lyran MechWarrior and the author of a technical report about the War of 3039.


Service with the LCAF/LAAF[edit]

At age of 36

Though Hauptmann Caradoc Trevena began his military career in 3043 with the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces, he saw little combat and attracted little notice until his tenure with the Tenth Skye Rangers. In fact, when the Eleventh Lyran Guards joined the Lyran Alliance during the recent Marik-Liao invasion of the Sarna March, many Lyran Alliance Armed Forces commanders viewed the unit’s commander as nothing more than a "paper veteran", untested and unfit for battle.

He did a very good job at his earlier postings, training his former units so they could stand up even against the Clan warriors. This activity was undervalued by his commanders. The Invasion of Coventry showed his real strength. He would train his unit once again to use the full potential of the light BattleMechs they were assigned and devised a strategy to turn this disadvantage to advantage. His unit avoided the full strength of the Clan attackers and harassed them in turn. He noticed the non-Clanslike tactics and performance of the enemy, realizing their true intent.

Star League Defense Force Intelligence Analyst[edit]

Sometime later, after rising to the rank of General in the Star League Defense Force, Caradoc became an accomplished writer of texts on military intelligence. Most notably, he assembled a technical report regarding the War of 3039, which he shared with Anastasius Focht of ComStar.[3]

Jihad and Death[edit]

Joining ComStar following the collapse of the Star League, Trevena would remain an intelligence advisor to Victor Steiner-Davion during the early stages of the Word of Blake Jihad. Caradoc Trevena would be among the high-ranking attendees at the Arc-Royal Conference killed by the Donner Bombing in 3073.[2]


If we keep hitting them hard and fast they’ll never get a chance to repair or regroup.
  — Hauptmann Caradoc "Doc" Trevena, Coventry, 3058
No sir, history is written by the survivors. And given my track record, you should hope I remember you fondly.
  — Hauptmann Caradoc "Doc" Trevena, 3058



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