Charles Dinour

Charles Dinour
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Star Colonel

Charles Dinour (born 30?? - died 30??) was a Star Colonel of Clan Wolf during Operation Revival.[1]


A descendant of captured Clan Goliath Scorpion Star Colonel Vlad Dinour, Charles continued his sire's tradition of Dinour leadership within the Wolves' 4th Striker Cluster. He maintained a blend of Wolf and Goliath Scorpion traditions in his Cluster, including the Scorpion tradition of keeping pets. Nicknamed "The Black Swan" for his graceful features and love for black clothing, Dinour was chosen for command of the 4th Striker Cluster two months prior to the beginning of the Inner Sphere invasion despite protests that he was too young and inexperienced.[1]

Incidental Mysteries[edit]

Another reason that many other officers protested Star Colonel Dinour's rise to command of the 4th Striker stems from an incident that has never been expounded upon. During this incident, Charles Dinour was captured by the Goliath Scorpions in a Trial of Possession. Though he would eventually go back to the Wolves, his return took an unusually long time. Since his elevation to command, Star Colonel Dinour has done very well considering his lack of experience, though some remain suspicious of his time spent away with the Scorpions.[1]

Operation Revival and Beyond[edit]

During the invasion, the 4th Striker would see action at Dawn, Moritz, Skokie, Thannhausen and Galuzzo, taking victory at each drop without too much resistance. Star Colonel Dinour was wounded during the fighting on Tukayyid. He would retain command of the 4th Striker until 3059, though his fate is not clearly known.[2][3][4]


Charles Dinour is noted to have piloted an Ice Ferret prime as of 3052.[3]


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