Charles Francis Carranza

Charles Francis Carranza
Charles Francis Carranza
Also known as "Crab"
Born 2998[1]
Died April 3050
Affiliation 12th Star Guards


Charles Francis Carranza was the commanding officer of the 1st Regiment of the 12th Star Guards in 3050[2] and had been Executive Officer to General Mitch DeChavilier since 3038.[1]

An unfortunate incident when he was seven between him and his pet crab Chuckie that resulted in two prosthetic fingers and a small scar on his left cheek.[1]

He belonged one of the several families who had been part of the Twelfth Star Guards since they refused to join Kerensky's exodus. He was easily-accepted by his peers, who were already briefed by the ailing DeChavilier that Carranza would be his successor.[1]

In April of 3050, Clan Jade Falcon dispatched the Eighth and the Twelfth Falcon Regulars Clusters to take Steelton. The world's defenses were lead by Colonel Charles Francis "Crab" Carranza, commanding the First Regiment of the 12th Star Guards and the planetary militia.[2]

Colonel Carranza bluffed the Jade Falcon forces by making it appear he had a brigade of forces defending the planet[2]. This deception and misinformation was a trick to delay the superior Jade Falcon force while gathering intelligence of them.[1] The inflated number of troops forced the bidding Jade Falcon commander to call in reinforcements which ultimately led to the Colonel's demise. The Falcons targeted the planet's capital city of Cregan's Bluff as the main objective; in the course of the battle, the Twelfth Star Guards positions were overrun by Falcon forces, but the Twelfth managed to hold their positions long enough for elements of the Star Guards and the surviving militia forces (one regiment) to evacuate the planet, although Colonel Carranza was killed[2], when instead of withdrawing with his staff, took to the field personally to assist in the fight, dying in combat while his command lance desperately tried to save him.[1]


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