Good Richard

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Good Richard
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Leopard


Good Richard was the name of the Leopard-class DropShip on which Stefan Amaris VII and his right hand man, Captain Kemper Varras, escaped New St. Andrews when the Knights of the Inner Sphere attacked the system in force, bent on destroying Amaris VII's forces.

The Good Richard brought them to a pirate jump point where an (unnamed) JumpShip had been awaiting them. Once docked with the JumpShip, Varas tried to kill Stefan Amaris VII on 14 July 3057, hoping it might buy him amnesty for his own crimes. However, Varas was in turn killed by Clan Steel Viper castout Dawn, who proceeded to kill Stefan Amaris by herself in a Circle of Equals, then took his frozen head with her as she escaped the DropShip in a lifeboat.[1]

An hour later the Good Richard was described to disappear from existence in a flash, which may be a somewhat inaccurate description of a jump, or alternatively imply the Good Richard was destroyed in an explosion (presumably somehow brought about by Dawn). A later reference to having taken Amaris' head from the "ill-fated" DropShip suggests the latter.[2]


  • The name "Good Richard" for a DropShip used by a descendant and self-styled successor of Stefan Amaris may be a sardonic reference to Richard Cameron, who was famously befriended as a child and later murdered by Stefan Amaris when he usurped his rule over the Star League.


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