House Steiner (The Lyran Commonwealth)

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The House Steiner Sourcebook provides an overview of the history of the Steiner family and of the Lyran Commonwealth up to 3025.


History of the Federated Suns
Dawn of a New Age
Founding Fathers
Hegemony, Prosperity, and Foundation
Chaos and Corruption
Marsden in Power
Dawning of the Age of War
The 'Social Generals'
The Reluctant Archon
The First Steiner
Birth of a Dynasty
Early Steiner Archons
Steiner Family Background
The Steiner Way
The BattleMech Era
Operation Prometheus
The Bloodthirsty General
Lyran Military Superiority
Long March, Hard March
The Dark Years
Trial of Duke Reynolds
Order of Magnitude
Steven Steiner
The Tharkan Witch
Eagles Cry
Repaying Old Debts
The Star League Era
Minor Adjustments
Operation Mailed Fist
The Archon Kidnapped
Day of Rage
The Good Years
Decline and Fall of the Star League
Babe Among Wolves
Territorial Troubles
Idealism and Villainy
The Usurper
Final Acts
First Succession War
Military Readiness
Declarations of War
Patterns of War
Tigers and Stealths
Attacks on Hesperus II
The Military Realities
Bella I
Lams to the Slaughter
Terms of Exhaustion
The Second Succession War
Reconstruction Efforts
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Rescue of the Chahar Profit
State of War
Tales of Grimm
Claudius the Cruel
Death of the Fourth
Operation Praying Mantis
The Triumverate
"What, Me Worry?"
Elizabeth Steiner
The Third Succession War
Once More Into the Breach
Hanging On
Three Steps in the Right Direction
The Battle of Skye
Calling All Citizens
The Cost of Freedom
The Open Wound
The Traitor Tertren
The Reign of Giovanni Steiner
The Battle of Loric
Alessandro Steiner
Hesperus Revisited
The Policy of Concentrated Weakness
Current Events
Sociopolitical Structure
The Archonship
The Commonwealth Council
The Royal Court
The Estates General
The Federation of Skye
The Tamar Pact
The Protectorate of Donegal
The Commonwealth Judiciary
Internal Politics and Policies
The Lyran Commonwealth Civil Service
Overt Political Goals
Interstellar Relations
The Free Worlds League
The Capellan Confederation
The Federated Suns
The Draconis Combine
The Periphery
Covert Political Goals
The Archon
The Lyran Intelligence Corps
The Royal Court
The Estates General
Strengths and Weaknesses
Religion and Philosophy
The One Star Faith and Other Beliefs
Relations Between Religions
Myths and Legends
Strengths and Weaknesses
Military Forces
Uniforms in the LCAF
The Structure of the LCAF
Military Education
The Rep-Dep Corps
The Judge Advocate General's Office
The Quartermaster Corps
Transport Division
Military Intelligence
The Strategies and Tactics Division
The Commonwealth Navy
The Commonwealth AeroSpace Force
The Reserve Corps
House Troops Liaison
Mercenary Troops Liaison
The Commonwealth Army
The Commonwealth Medical Corps
The Administrative Section
The High Command
Deployment of LCAF Forces
Typical Commonwealth Units
Weapon Industries
Military Supplies
Major Military Academies
Medals and Decorations
Strengths and Weaknesses of the LCAF
Culture and Arts
Research Universities
The Arts
Daily Life and Culture
Public Media
Societal Problems
ComStar and the Lyran People
General Relations
Political Influence
Commonwealth Threats to ComStar
Governmental Attitude
Political Aims of the Economy
Consumer Goods
Corporate Profiles
Other Major Commonwealth Industries
Trade with Other Successor States
Free Worlds League
The Draconis Combine
The Capellan Confederation
The Federated Suns
Strengths and Weaknesses
A Brief Atlas
The Protectorate of Donegal
The Federation of Skye
The Tamar Pact
Map of the Lyran Commonwealth


  • This was the second of the House books published by FASA. Much of the information was intended as background material for MechWarrior role-playing game campaigns.