IMB Systems

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IMB Systems
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Carbonis
Primary Products Electronics, Sensor arrays

IMB Systems, a division of Irian Technologies,[1] produces targeting and tracking systems for the Free Worlds League Military.


IMB Systems has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


They suffered no damage to their production lines and were operating at full capacity in 3079.[2]

Components produced on Carbonis:[3]
Component Type
Targeting-Tracking System
Dynatec 990 Stinger[3]
Dynatec 1122 Cicada[3]
Dynatec 2180 Quickdraw[3]
Dynatec 2780 Awesome[3]
Octagon Tartrac System Phoenix Hawk[3]
Octagon Tartrac System C Griffin[3]
RCA Instatrac Mark X Thunderbolt[3]
RCA Instatrac Mark XII Shadow Hawk[3]
RCA Instatrac Mark XII with Artemis IV System Archer[3]
Narc Missile Beacon
Octagon Missile Magnet [citation needed]


Components produced on Irian:[4]
Component Type
Communications System
Irian E.A.R. [citation needed]
Irian Orator-5K [citation needed]
Irian Technologies HMR-35s [citation needed]
Irian TelStar [citation needed]
Targeting-Tracking System
Acquisition System [citation needed]
IMB 5000 [citation needed]
IMB Multitrac 5000 Dropships[4]
IMB SYS 3600 Cheetah[4]
IMB SYS 3700 Stingray[4]
IMB SYS 3740 Riever[4]
Irian 511 [citation needed]
Omicron TrackerKeeper [citation needed]
Wasat Agressor [citation needed]
Wasat Agressor Type 5 [citation needed]
OmniLink [citation needed]
Wasat Agressor Type 8 [citation needed]


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