Jihad Conspiracies: Interstellar Players 2

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A sequel title to Interstellar Players, this title has been produced with some possible (though not necessarily probable) influences upon the Jihad storyline, from the dubious "White Noise" HPG data stream as a dominant source. Peeks at previous known and unknown secret societies, missing planets and intelligence agencies are provided, as well as directions for gamemasters who seek to add the rumors to their own campaigns.


Found and Lost
How to Use This Book
What If?
Where It All Leads?
The Original Plan?
The Hidden
The Ballad of Brooklyn Stevens
Amaris and ComStar?
Hiding Planets
The Big Picture
Gamemaster's Section
"Uncle Chandy"
Hachiman Taro Electronics
Economic Tentacles
Irian Technologies
The Jihad
Gamemaster's Section
Chandrasekhar Kurita
Aims and Objectives
The Society
Signs of Conspiracy
Society Structure
Playing Gods?
Society Operations
Wheels Within Wheels
Gamemaster's Section
The Brotherhood of Randis
Gamemaster's Section
Mysteries of the Void
The Mariner's Tale: In the Darkness Between
Ghosts, or Ghost Particles?
Winning the Lottery
Early Arrival
Time's Arrow
On Second Thought...
A Change of Heart
What Lives Between
Children of the Void: A Touch of Wrongness
Becalmed on the Cocytus
The Nameless One
Manei Domini
Witness to Madness
And So, You See, It's All Come to This
Gamemaster's Section
The "Void Children"
The Ancients
The Belters
Early History
The Belt and the Terran Hegemony
The Belt and the Fall of the Star League
The Belt, The Succession Wars, And Today
Belters: Where and Who Are They?
Slowboat Colonies
Gamemaster's Section
Cult of the Saints Cameron
Origin of the Cult of the Saints Cameron
The Knights of St. Cameron
Modern Times
Gamemaster's Section
A Cult Divided
The Saurimat
The Saurimat: A Compendium
Belief to the Stars
Humble Before Change
Faith Rises
The Saurimat Today
Gamemaster's Section
Interconnectedness Unlimited
Interconnectedness Unlimited: Taking the Fall
The Turning
The Prestige
Gamemaster's Section
Facts: The Corporation
Facts: Behind the Stage
Minor Groups
Devlin Stone
The Elusive Devlin Stone: The Truth (Or a Few Reasonable Facsimiles)
Gamemaster's Section
Operation: Revelation
Gamemaster's Section
The Tanites
Subject: The Tanite Civilization
Gamemaster's Section
The Blake Documents
Rules Addendum
Classic BattleTech RPG Rules
Influence and Special Contacts/Enemies
Influence Trait
Special Contact/Enemy Traits
Skills and Fields
Martial Arts/Quick Death (New)
Personal Equipment
Roleplaying Addendum
Cutting In
Roleplaying With Interstellar Players
Interstellar Players NPCs
Belters In Game Play
Belter Augmentations
New Mercenary Employer: Uncle Chandy
Thuggee-Manei Domini (Phasnigar) Hybrids
Classic BattleTech Rules
New Vehicle Equipment: Smart Robotic Control Systems
New ProtoMech Equipment
New Aerospace Equipment: Super-Jump Drives
New Vehicle Equipment: Centurion Weapon Systems
New BattleMech: RMP-5G Rampage
New Aerospace Fighter: Mk. 30 "BlackWasp" Robotic Interceptor
New Force Rules: The Saurimat