Kramer's Parts and Machinery

Kramer's Parts and Machinery
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Solaris VII
Primary Products BattleMechs customization

Located on Solaris VII, the Kramer's Parts and Machinery is a small company specialized in BattleMech customization.


Kramer's Parts and Machinery specializes in the repair and modifications of Class 1 and Class 2 arena 'Mechs, though it is known to also modify 'Mechs to conceal weapons, add additional heat sinks or alter weapons configurations.

This company was considered a professional one, formed by competent and skilled technicians. In 3053, the Silver Dragons Stables started criticizing their work after the defeat of two of their 'Mech recently modified by Kramer, blaming the modifications for the defeats and death of two of their Mechwarriors. Though experts considered the pilots should be blamed for the results, the accusations of poor workmanship crippled Kramer's business and made the company a sworn enemy of the Silver Dragons.

The word on the street was that anyone fighting the Silver Dragon could have their 'Mech modified by Kramer and would they archive victory, no payment for the job would be needed.[1]


The company's CEO in 3053 is Wayne Kramer.[1]


There company has no specific Manufacturing site. Kramer's Parts and Machinery is specialized in the customization of BattleMechs, and it was installed in North Pier, a village from Burgton.[1]


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