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Laiaka neighbouring systems
Laiaka neighbouring systems
System Information
X:Y Coordinates -100.609 : 54.238[e]
Spectral class M9V[1]
Planets 8[1]

Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

System position 3[1]
Jump point
2 days[1]
Moons 2 (Iolana & Wanikiya)[1]
Surface gravity 0.98[1]
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Tainted)[1]
Equatorial temperature 40°C[1]
Surface water 88%[1]
Highest native life Plants[1]
Reference Year 3130[1]
Ruler Jayson Zeander (Governor)[1]
Leigh Bahram (Planetary Legate)[1]
Capital Yaleston[1]
Population 1,056,000,000[1]

Political Affiliation

Planetary Info

As of 3057, the planetary surface of Laiaka was said to be mostly ocean, with the population living in nomadic drift-cities and getting along harvesting vast, gene-tailored algae mats drifting in the upper reaches of the seas.[34]

The thick atmosphere of greenhouse gasses, particularly carbon dioxide and sulfur, allows Laiaka's surface temperature to approach levels capable of supporting human life under its dim red sun. Unfortunately these same gasses prevent humans from breathing the atmosphere unassisted. With little to recommend it the world was ignored during the first wave of colonization.[1]

When the Federation of Skye began expanding, survey teams landed on Laiaka. There they found large deposits of titanium and germanium and other industrial metal ores. Mining companies quickly settled on the world and began extracting these valuable ores. Unlike most worlds that require sheltered cities, settlers built their cities in the mineshafts and caverns left behind by the mining process instead of using the more common domed city plan. At the fall of the Star League, terraforming efforts had begun on Laiaka; The first effort was releasing a tailored algae into the planet's seas to convert massive amounts of carbon dioxide into oxygen. The fall of the Star League put a halt to these plans however, as Laiaka was a border world that saw frequent raids. These raids destroyed much of the equipment needed to complete the terraforming effort and eventually Laiaka returned to its natural state.[1]

At the end of December 3135 the 4th Donegal Guards landed on the planet and were welcomed with open arms. The 4th Donegal Guards, though were soon drawn up outside the city to face an incursion from the loyal Republican militia elements. The militia declined to defend against the Donegal drop, but decided to make an attempt to retake the spaceport once disembarked. The militia assault was lightning fast, and it forced the Donegal Guards backward at first, moving the battle into the warehouses zone. A tank led by Leutnant Joachim Stueben's Kinnol tank rushed forward at the head of a flying column of vehicles, crashing into the militia's line and pushing it back. With the 4th BattleMechs backing them up, Leutnant Stueben‘s lance first blunted the militia attack, and then drove it into the hills. The militia was finally beaten.[31]

Nearby Planets

Planets within 2 jumps (60 light-years).
Closest planets first:
Planet Distance (LY) Jumps 2750 3025 3030 3040 3052 3057 3062
Alkaid 9.79 1 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Carsphairn 16.01 1 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Gladius 18.34 1 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Seginus 20.76 1 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Hesperus II 24.41 1 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Canonbie 25.27 1 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Caledonia 26.84 1 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Vindemiatrix 27.66 1 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Chaffee 28.90 1 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Trent 31.80 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Glengarry 33.20 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Kochab 33.65 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Alcor 36.52 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Furillo 37.05 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Lamon 38.41 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Laurieston 40.09 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Algorab 41.90 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Zebeneschamali 42.90 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Nekkar 43.09 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Skye 43.63 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Syrma 44.70 2 TH LC LC FC FC LA LA
Gacrux 46.02 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Zaniah 46.47 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Carnwath 47.31 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
New Kyoto 48.63 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Zebebelgenubi 49.24 2 TH LC LC FC FC LA LA
Halmyre Deans 51.17 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Galatea 51.40 2 TH LC LC FC FC LA LA
Whittington 52.99 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Fianna 53.37 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Eidsfoss 53.68 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Sarpsborg 54.28 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Alphecca 54.81 2 LC LC DC FC FC LA LA
Cor Caroli 54.96 2 TH LC LC FC FC LA LA
Unukalhai 56.96 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Mizar 57.49 2 TH LC LC FC FC LA LA
Arganda 57.73 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Ciotat 58.18 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Alioth 58.47 2 TH LC LC FC FC LA LA
Izar 59.77 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA
Jaumegarde 60.00 2 LC LC LC FC FC LA LA


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