Large Re-Engineered Laser

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Large Re-Engineered Laser
Production information
Type Energy
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Year Availability IS = 3130 FS[1]
Year Introduced IS = 3130 FS[1]
Advanced Technology Year 3130 FS[1]
Technology Rating E
Availability Rating X
Availability Ratings X/X/E
Legality Rating E
Technical specifications
Heat 10[2]
Damage 9[2]
Minimum Range N/A
Short Range 5[2]
Medium Range 10[2]
Long Range 15[2]
Tons 8[3]
Critical Slots 5[3]
Cost (unloaded) 250,000[3]
BV (2.0) 139[2]


The Large Re-Engineered Laser is an offshoot of experiments to mate a Clan Heavy Laser with a Pulse Laser. Though the experiments were unsuccessful, the resulting Re-Engineered Laser family has the unique ability to ignore the effects of Ferro-Lamellor, Hardened, and Reflective Armor. This allows the Large Re-Engineered Laser to inflict its full damage on units protected by those armor types.[1]

The Large Re-Engineered Laser is the largest of the Re-Engineered Laser family. Like all Re-Engineered Lasers, though it is technically a pulse laser, the pulses are too fast for to gain the targeting bonus of those weapons. It is compatible with Targeting Computers. Aside from its unique armor-penetrating properties, it behaves like a standard Large Laser.



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