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Pentagon (DropShip).jpg
Production information
Manufacturer Terran Hegemony
Use Attack Ship
Escort Vessel
Type Assault
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Mass 4000 tons
Structural Integrity 21
Length 89 meters meters
Width 75 meters meters
Height 75 meters meters
Drive System GM 5600 Sublite Maneuver Drives
Safe Thrust 7
Max Thrust 11
Fuel (tons) 600 tons
Fuel (days) 1.84
Armament 9 x ER PPCs
4 x Gauss Rifles
9 x ER Large Lasers
8 x LRM 20 + ArtIV
12 x Medium Lasers
Armor Standard Armor
Crew 4 Officers
10 enlisted/non-rates
8 gunners
25 Marines
Passengers None
Escape Pods/Life Boats 1/8
Heat Sinks 170 (340)
BV (1.0) 12,186[1]
BV (2.0) 12,658[2]


The Pentagon Class Assault DropShip was first designed for the Terran Hegemony Navy in 26th Century when it needed a anti-fighter vessel for its Congress Class Frigates. They were designed for high-speed engagements to better protect the Congress from fighter attack due to its weak anti-fighter defenses.

During the Star League era, they saw significant action escorting convoys of JumpShips. The Pentagon's most noted action during this era was during the Second Periphery Uprising. Pairs of these ships were assigned to the SLS Star Devil, conducting a sweep in uninhabited star system. The Congress class Warship had a chance encounter with a Taurian assault convoy, consisting of four Lola II Class Destroyers and a number of JumpShips. The Star Devil launched her Pentagons which engaged convoy's fighter escorts to engage the force's fighters. Before being lost with Star Devil they had successfully destroyed the force fighters & Jumpships.[3] The Pentagons went on serving the SLDF's campaign to liberate Hegemony during the War against Usurper were believed completed destroyed by Casper Drones. It was thought the design had become extinct after the Liberation of Terra.

In 3068, during White Case attack against Word of Blake deployed a new version of the Pentagon spotted among Blake's defending forces.



Mounted in ship's nose; 2 Gauss Rifles (48 rounds), 2 LRM 20+Artemis (24 rounds), 2 ER PPCs, & 2 ER Large Lasers.

Front Left/Right Sides

Mounted in each side of the ship; 2 ER PPCs, single Gauss Rifle (16 rounds), 2 ER Large Lasers, & 2 LRM 20+Artemis (48 rounds).

Aft Left/Right Sides

Mounted Aft Left and Right sides of the ship; A single ER PPC, ER Large Laser + 4 Medium Lasers, & LRM 20+Artemis (30 rounds).


Mounted in aft section of the ship; ER PPC, ER Large Laser +4 Medium Lasers.

Armor & Cargo

The ship is protected by 75.5 tons worth of Standard Armor. It has a cargo capacity of 407 tons.


  • Pentagon Pocket Warship - Developed in secret during the 3060s by Word of Blake, the design drops all marines, missile armament and significant amount it cargo capacity for an AR-10. The capital missile capacity of this variant includes; Two White Sharks, four Killer Whales, and four Barracuda Anti-Capital Ship Missiles.[4]


There is no printed record sheets for variant of the Pentagon as of this writing.


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