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* [[ComStar (sourcebook)|''ComStar'']]
* [[ComStar (sourcebook)|''ComStar'']]
* ''[[Intelligence Operations Handbook]]''
* ''[[Intelligence Operations Handbook]]''

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ComStar's internal and external security force, ROM (an acronym whose meaning has been lost to time) has a reputation as among the most elite intelligence agencies in Inner Sphere. After the ComStar Schism, both the secular ComStar and the Word of Blake maintained their own versions of ROM.


Formed in 2811 by ComStar founder Jerome Blake to help prevent leakage of technological information to the outside and to help thwart defection of ComStar personnel to the Successor States, this secret intelligence network would locate threats to ComStar and eliminate them before any damage was done. As per to Blake's proposal, operatives would work as undercover agents within the ranks of ComStar's technicians, as well as posing as citizens. Fear of ROM helped to ensure the quick adoption of the increasing mysticism of the ComStar Order by even it's most skeptical members.

Due to the actions of the more militant and mystical Primuses that followed Blake, ROM also engaged in an extensive covert war to cripple technological advancement of the Inner Sphere outside of the halls of ComStar. Through sabotage and assassination with each House blaming the others, ROM swiftly increased the slide into lostech for many technologies taken for granted in the Star League era, all in the name of ensuring ComStar mission of being the sole protector of knowledge.

Like many parts of ComStar, ROM was splintered by the Reformation, however as the primary enforcers of the fanatical indoctrination of the old Order three fourths of the pre-schism ROM assets defected to the Word of Blake. This sheer numerical advantage gave them an edge in the brutal covert war with their secular brethren and against the Great Houses which allowed the Blakists to capture Terra and launch the Jihad.

Command Structure

ROM reports directly to the Primus of ComStar or the Blakist Ruling Conclave via the Precentor ROM, who oversees the operations of the State Administrators, one for each Great House and major faction, who control and report on the day to day operations of ROM agents in their respective jurisdictions.

Branches of ROM

Much like the Com Guards, the secular and Blakist ROM share a common origin. While the Blakist ROM has retained its traditional watchdog role and the branches associated with it, the secular ComStar had disbanded its versions and added a new branch not shared by their fanatical brethren focused on the Clan threat.

Counterintelligence (Mu/Delta)

The foundation upon which ROM was built, counterintelligence is charged with locating and eliminating infiltrators from Successor States and, after the Schism, agents from the opposing faction. Under the reign of Raymond Karpov counterintelligence received almost cart-blanche to employ whatever means it feels justified to ferret out enemy agents, both factions considering such strong arm brutality worth the price of maintaining their internal security, employing among the most fanatical members of ROM.

Diplomatic Operations (Rho/Gamma)

Representing the Order's public face, the Diplomatic Operations Branch is devoted to public relations and selling the party line of its faction, pre-Reformation it was the Blessed Order's neutrality, after-wards the good intentions of each faction. Despite its soft image, due to its attendance at almost every diplomatic function across Inner Sphere, this branch is also highly adept at intelligence gathering.

Covert Operations (Rho/Rho)

Originally intended to offer advance warning of Great House efforts to infiltrate the Order, under the aegis of Primus Karpov Covert Operations swelled into a brutal suppression of Great House technology. While the Blakist version maintains its role of assassination and misinformation against their so-called heretical brother and all major and minor factions in the Inner Sphere, the secular version has focused primarily against Free Worlds League and the Word of Blake.

Information and Analysis (Mu/Mu)

With operatives stationed at every HPG facility, Information and Analysis screens all messages transferred on the HPG network for political, technical and military info of benefit to each respective faction, giving ROM an unrivaled advantage over every other intelligence agency across the Inner Sphere.

Clan Liaison/Clan Overwatch (Rho/Chi)

A specialized variation of Covert Operations exclusive to the secular ComStar, this branch maintains and supports ROM's intelligence and sabotage operations in the Clan-occupied territories. It's original title found to be confusing, the branch was renamed after the Great Refusal with its focus redirected towards the Inner Sphere based Crusader Clans.

Blake's Wrath/Light of Mankind (Delta/Epsilon)

Blake's Wrath and its renamed Blakist counterpart Light of Mankind represent each ROM's elite ground-based special forces. Made up of the Com Guards elite and trained in conventional and BattleMech combat, every member is also highly adept at covert operations.

Valkyrie/Purifying Light (Delta/Xi)

ROM's elite aerospace special forces, Valkyrie and the Blakist Purifying Light is manned by the top three percent ranked kill ratio of Com Guard and Word of Blake Militia's AeroSpace Fighter pilots and receive the best anti-WarShip and WarShip defense training in the Inner Sphere.

ComStar Security/Word of Blake Security (Mu/Iota)

This defensive branch is charged with protecting both each respective organizations high ranking officials and the HPG stations under their control.

Internal Obedience (Rho/Omicron)

Internal Obedience was setup during the reign of Conrad Toyama to enforce the proper doctrinal mindset and devotion to the Blessed Order among its members. The secular ComStar has disbanded this branch, while the Word of Blake has maintained it, albeit under considerable strain due to the different views of its various sects.

Spritual Enlightenment (Mu/Psi)

This branch maintained the overall religious indoctrination preached by the old Order. Again, while the secular ComStar had no need for it, the Word of Blake ROM has maintained it, creating subdivisions catering to the codes of conduct and political views of each sect.


Divison Information

ROM Director:
Precentor ROM Alexander Kernoff
The ROM stands under the authority of the Precentor Martial. Each of the nine department answers to their own Precentor who in turn reports to the ROM Director. It is believed that the movement Sixth of June have great influence on many aspects.

Precentor Mu/Delta III Lydia Julia Halloway
Charted with the elimination of all non-Blakist agents within the Order. They are know for their brutal and inquisitional work. It is assumed that CI agents have infiltrated the governments of the Free Worlds League, Capellan Confederation and neighboring Periphery realms such as the Circinus Federation.

Diplomatic Operations
Precentor Rho/Gamma VII Melva Kingman
It's present the public face of the order and were run by moderated members. Their main goal is to improved the relations between Word of Blake and other states. Operatives placating the population of the near Chaos March and on Terra itself. On the other side agents are also adept at in-depth intelligence through blackmail and coercion.

Covert Operations (Rho/Rho):
Precentor Rho/Rho III Richard Mullaney
It has the double - or even triple- size as their ComStar counterpart. The agents make the "dirty" work like assassination, espionage and misinformation directed against ComStar, House Kurita and the former FedCom states.

Information Analysis (Mu/Mu):
Precentor Mu/Mu V Clive Reordan
Through upgrades with Clan technology at the facilities on Terra, this branch can now operate at 100% efficiency.

Light of Mankind (Delta/Epsilon):
Precentor Delta/Epsilon VII John Christopher
These troops are on pair with other elite commandos like the DEST. At the moment many units are active in the Chaos March. Their goal remain a mystery.

Purifying Light (Delta/Xl):
Precentor Delta/Xi IV Tatyana Corsairre
It is the special aerospace division from the Blakist's. Their mission include counter WarShip combat and they have support from Warships also. Several units of this branch are deployed at a unknown location in the IS at the moment.

Word of Blake Security (Mu/Iota):
Precentor Mu/Iota VII Takaeo Yamashi
This division is a combination of Internal Obedience and Counterintelligence branches. Operatives make "actives defense" and this action thwarted internal threats. They act independently or in conjunction with other ROM branches. Their traditional roll was to protect HPG and or personal.

Internal Obedience (Rho/Omicron):
Precentor Rho/Omicron XI Carmaine Juliana
This department is charged of maintaining the fanaticism and devotion in the order at all levels. They are the watchdog of the thinking about the upper levels. If one member is to critical with their opinion, it have the attention of the Internal Obedience and Counterintelligence to.

Spiritual Enlightenment (Mu/Psl):
Precentor Mu/Psi IX Garin Klien
Is responsible for the organization wide indoctrination and training. Each subdivision on all levels have it own SE branch. It gives an overwatch that assures that all members work for the same goal.


Divison Information

ROM Director:
Precentor ROM Victoria Parrdeau

Counterintelligence (Mu/Delta):
Demi-Precentor Mu/Delta IX Alexi Luchenko
This Division increased in size after the schism and use further the brutal efficiency. Their task is to unmask and eliminate enemy agents. Thus operatives are the most fanatical members of the organization.

Diplomatic Relations (Rho/Gamma):
Demi-Precentor Rho/Gamma XVII Sasha Richardson
Their daily job is to do diplomatic task but can also use seduction/blackmail for their other mission: in-depth intelligence gathering.

Covert Operations (Rho/Rho):
Demi-Precentor Rho/Rho II Anika Trevaine
After the schism they abandoned their earlier methods of misinformation and assassination but the past in form of the Word of Blake hunt them. In a limited extent operatives uses this tactics against their former brothers.

Information Analysis (Mu/Mu):
Demi-Precentor Mu/Mu III Marko Stephenson
It has the biggest budget for the analysis of information gathered by agents at every HPG station and beyond. While this operatives fail to predict the invasion of Terra through the Blakist their numbers were depleted.

Clan Overwatch (Rho/Chi):
Demi-Precentor Rho/Chi XV Mussad Degora
Agents from this department backing anti-Clan movements in the occupied territories and to gather information about political/military developments.

Blake's Wrath (Delta/Epsilon):
Precentor Delta/Epsilon IV Lars Sjardijn
This members are the strike team and guerrilla unit trained in unorthodox warfare. They work closely with the Clan Overwatch together,

Valkyrie (Delta/Xi):
Demi-Precentor Delta/Xi VI Miyogi Sulacco
This is the counterpart to the Blake's Wrath. Their mission is to support ground operation in combined-arms engagement. Through their own DropShip and JumpShip support they are enable to work independently.

ComStar Security (Mu/Iota):
Demi-Precentor Mu/Iota IV Cornelius Morrisson
Charged with the protection of important ComStar officials and the protection of HPGs, the inexperienced members have problems to fulfill their mission. As a result the moral is low among their ranks