Ramiko Nishimura

Ramiko Nishimura]]
Also known as Ramiko Kurita
Born 3064
Died February 3137[1]
Affiliation House Kurita
House Nishimura
Siblings Yukio
Spouse Vincent Kurita
Children Theodore Kurita
Emi Kurita
Ryuhiko Kurita


Lady Ramiko Nishimura (b. 3064 - d. ????) was the wife of Coordinator Vincent Kurita and the daughter of an influential family from Kirei Na Niwa.[2]


Ramiko is known to have had at least two siblings, an older sister named Yukio and a younger sister named Akiko. Prior to her marriage, Ramiko was a student at the Chrysanthemum Blossom School for Young Women on New Samarkand.[2]

Marriage and Later Life[edit]

Ramiko married the younger son of Coordinator Hohiro Kurita, Vincent Kurita, in a private ceremony on Kirei Na Niwa on the 12th of May 3081. The wedding was held on the Nishimura family estate and was attended by a number of family members from both sides of the family; Ramiko was attended by her sisters Yukio and Akiko, while Vincent was accompanied by his brother Shinjiro and his cousin Kitsune. The dress Ramiko wore for her wedding had been designed by her sister Yukio.[2]

At the time of the wedding, Ramiko was 17 and Vincent was 19; the two had met at a joint humanitarian effort after devastating flooding caused by the Torvillo River on New Samarkand. At the time, Ramiko was still a student at the Chrysanthemum Blossom School for Young Women, while Vincent was a student at the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy. Vincent proposed to Ramiko in January 3081 after her parents had met formally with his mother and father for the first time. The newlyweds had a honeymoon on the planet Isesaki before Vincent's posting to the 16th Sun Zhang Cadre on Turtle Bay. The bride and groom requested that any wedding gifts be sent instead as donations to the Omi Kurita foundation.[2]

The media speculated after Vincent's wedding that the Coordinator was unhappy with his older son Shinjiro because of Shinjiro's determination to concentrate on his military career, rather than settling down with a wife, in contrast with Vincent.[2]

Illness and Death[edit]

Romiko would be diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease some time around 3115, she would live out the rest of her life in a care facility, finally dying in February 3137.[1]


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