Ryder's Modifications

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Ryder's Modifications
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Solaris VII
Primary Products BattleMechs customization

Located on Solaris VII, Ryder's Modifications is small company specialized basically in BattleMech customization to hide weapons.


On 3053 an aged garage with a decrepit appearance is the company's home.

This looks are deceiving as several Solaris' MechWarriors turn to Ryder when they need to conceal weaponry in their mechs. Stables like Fitzhugh Stables and DeLon Stables have recently made use of the company's unique services, for which Ryder's keeps the secret of any modification made.

For twice the cost of a small weapon Ryder's Modifications will hide the weapon on a 'Mech by removing armor and placing false armor over the weapon. Then it's up to the MechWarrior to keep the weapons powered down to hide them so when activated they provide a nasty surprise to his opponents. Ryder's can also add additional heat sinks that could represent an edge that can spell the difference between glory and defeat.

Gossip says Ryder modified very recently two Fitzhugh Stables Whitworths with hidden Pulse Lasers.[1]


The company's CEO in 3053 is Merril Ryder.[1]


There is no specific Manufacturing site. Ryder's Modifications is specialized in customization of BattleMechs and it is installed in Dowagiac a village of Burgton.[1]


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