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| publisher          = [[Catalyst Game Labs]]
| publisher          = [[Catalyst Game Labs]]
| productioncode      =  
| productioncode      =  
| year                =  
| year                = 21 February 2020
| ISBN10              =  
| ISBN10              =  
| ISBN13              =  
| ISBN13              =  
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'''Slack Tide''' is a series of short stories.
'''Slack Tide''' is a series of short stories.
Horn and Fang by Philip A. Lee
That Old Highlander Way by David G. Martin     
I Was Lost by Alan Brundage     
Once You Go Traitor by Chris Hussey 
A Cold Collaboration by Jason Hansa
Shadow Angels by Craig A. Reed 
No Rest for the Wicked by Richard C. White
Duty Before Honor by Geoff Swift
Forsaken by Alan Brundage
==From the Back Cover==
==From the Back Cover==

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Slack Tide
Product information
Type Anthology
Author Jason Hansa, Philip A. Lee, Craig A. Reed
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 21 February 2020
Era Clan Invasion era


Slack Tide is a series of short stories.

From the Back Cover


On 21 May 3052, the seemingly unstoppable military juggernaut of the invading Clans was defeated in a pitched campaign on the quiet world of Tukayyid. This astonishing victory bought the weary armies of the Inner Sphere a fifteen-year stay before the invasion can resume. But despite the truce, the fire driving the Clans’ centuries-long quest to conquer Terra, the birthplace of humankind, and rebuild Inner Sphere civilization in their warmongering image has not been extinguished. Conflict still rages above the truce line, and the Clans are biding their time until the tide of war can surge up and flood the Inner Sphere once more.

Slack Tide collects nine stories that chronicle the life-and-death struggles still being waged in the wake of Tukayyid’s so-called peace. Fan-favorite authors such as Jason Hansa, Philip A. Lee, and Craig A. Reed, Jr. spin tales of undercover operatives seeking to gain the secrets of Clan BattleMech technology, Inner Sphere MechWarriors attempting dangerous escapes from Clan-controlled planets, and mercenaries fighting to protect the only things that truly matter to them—themselves and their loved ones.

The Clans’ invasion may have been temporarily halted, but the true battles for the future of the Inner Sphere have only just begun…"

Plot summary

Featured characters

Featured BattleTech

Featured planets