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Sondra Ten Bears
Affiliation Seventeenth Recon Regiment


Sondra Ten Bears was one of those who served in the Seventeenth Recon Regiment, also known as Camacho's Caballeros, and was one of those on active duty with the Caballeros in 3056 when they were employed by Chandrasekhar Kurita to provide security for one of his companies, Hachiman Taro Enterprises. Given the nickname la Curandera by her peers,[1] Sondra was a medical Doctor and the Caballeros' chief medical officer[2] at the time of the Caballeros' posting to Hachiman.[1]

Sondra was born on Cerillos, one of the three worlds known as the Southwest Trinity worlds, and was of mixed Kiowa and Comanche heritage.[1] Well respected within the Caballeros, Sondra was one of those who made up the Caballeros Council of Elders, the ruling body that dealt with matters that affected the entire regiment (and which was distinct from the Command Council, which dealt with purely military matters).[3]


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