The Killing Fields

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The Killing Fields, by Loren L. Coleman, is the second book in The Capellan Solution duology. It covers the last year of the Capellan Civil War and its monstrous conclusion.

From the back cover

In hope of salvaging the embattled worlds of the renegade St. Ives Compact, Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao has launched a war that stretches far beyond the scope of military conquest. His mission: reunite St. Ives with his own Capellan Confederation. But after months of combat extend into years, the smash-and-destroy tactics have turned the crippled Compact into a bloody wasteland—and the Chancellor's costly victory into a virtual deathwatch.

For the warriors of House Hiritsu, and for the Capellan and Compact soldiers on the 'Mech-shredded front lines Sun-Tzu's noble crusade has become a nightmare. And now, with his dream of glory slipping away, the Chancellor will make one last desperate gamble—a final solution to regain total control of a civil war exploding out of control. No matter what the cost.


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