Trillian Steiner-Davion

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Trillian Steiner-Davion (Born 3108)[1] - 32nd Century noblewoman, who is the granddaughter of Peter Steiner-Davion. She is the House Steiner Royal public adviser and aide to the Archon Melissa Steiner.

She is acts as the Steiner family historian. She is loyal and believes in Devlin Stone's dream of republic. She been trained for many years with Commonwealth's Diplomatic Corp where she acquired good negotiation skills.

Character History

Trillian's parents were killed while she was young, and was raised with her cousin Melissa as if they were sisters.

She meet with distant cousin Jasek Kelswa-Steiner, while on business with Duke Vedet Brewster in November, 3134.

She & Duke Vedet were convinced by him to usher support for his cause to fight Clan Jade Falcons in Republic of the Sphere.

In spring of 3135, she attends her great uncle Victor Steiner-Davion's funeral and meets with some of the Inner Sphere nobility.

In November, 3136 Archon Melissa Steiner informs her that she is assigning her as military envoy to Duke Vedet's expeditionary force that to hammer various parts of old Free Worlds League to prevent there reformation. She would be given considerable sweeping powers as envoy of the Archon. Part of her mission also includes her being send to Ark Royal's Clan Wolf-in Exile to form an pack with them. To get them to negotiate a secret pack with their other half to help invade Free Worlds League space. She names Colonel Klaus Wehner as military aide.

In March 18th, 3137 she meets with Duke Vedet Brewster and his military aide Bernard Nordhoff and offers him position as campaign leader of coming invasion of Free Worlds League. She must use her diplomatic skills to plan keep Duke 's ambitions in check. She orders a new military formation created with her cousin, [[|Roderick Steiner|Roderick Frost]] as its commander.

In May, she briefed by General Heinrick on Cavanaugh II in on planning of what is called Operation Hammerfall.

Where she checks on the details of the plans also raid Clan Jade Falcons with the operation. In July, She meets with Roderick and confides him he is needed by his house and for her to lead special military force under command to do special missions. Roderick accepts and assembles people to form his "Broken Swords" Battalion. In September she has Klaus Wehner, Roderick try to figure out the fighting patterns in in Marik-Stewart Commonwealth. Roderick suspects that Silver Hawks are being used to bleed Lyran forces and keep resistance up on the captured worlds.

Trillian arrived on Tamarind in November to negotiate with Duke Fontaine Marik to convince him to sign a peace treaty with Lyran Commonwealth. As backup to her plan, she had her cousin Roderick's Broken Swords battalion travel days behind her and later backed up both the 1st Hesperus Guard and 3rd Lyran Regulars arrive to bail her and Swords out if negotiations failed.


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