Type DDS "Kingston"

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The Type DDS "Kingston" Extended-Range Particle Projection Cannon is one of the more modern and common types of Clan-spec ER PPCs in Clan and the Inner Sphere space.


Debuted by Clan Cloud Cobra around 3059 in time for use on their new Four Legged BattleMech the Stalking Spider,[1] Clan Star Adder and Clan Diamond Shark would secure the designs for the weapon for use on updated Phoenix updates of the venerable Glass Spider[2] and Warhammer IIC[3] manufactured in the Clan Homeworlds. The Diamond Sharks' forced evacuation from the Homeworlds would also result in the start of manufacture of the weapon in the Inner Sphere as well, [4] which the mercantile Clan Sea Fox would offer to Clan and Inner Sphere buyers such as the Capellan Confederation[5] and possibly the Federated Suns.[6]


Company Planet
Constantin Assembly Plant M27A-E[1] Homer
Dagda Industriplex Zeta[3] Dagda
DS Aero Assembly Site Rho[4] Twycross
Manufacturing Plant DSF-12[2] Tathis
Odin Manufacturing[7] Orestes

In use on


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