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§1 Dual Barrel Autocannon DBAC 2/5

                                            § 1 Dual Barrel Autocannon - DBAC 2/5.

Background 1.3. Industry and other capabilities incl. Military Of The Slavic Concordate. (Work inprogress, update is comming soon.) As it was for thousant of years Slavs were industrious and capable. So in no time were the newly established tribal settlements building new cities, mines, factories, manufactures. Soon enough were tribals capable of fielding Mechs an weaponry of domestic provenience. As well as purchasing civilian and military assets and equipment payed for by supplies of Titanium, Iron and other minerals.

and other types of ore. Habitable planets were Terreformed and planting of crops a and forrest where possible were lying grounds for future production of food, light, heavy, electronics, medical and other manufacturing industries. New academies, houses and pallaces of science and education were established.

To be continued...

Innovative independent line of research by young minds resulted in rediscovering once lost old Terran technology. Dual barrel Cannons were already developed in the old Terran world in around 20th century, remaining in service with various military forces through the 21st, 22nd and early 23rd century. Technology of counter flowing duel of barrels using inertia of the recoil for extraction and cocking of the opposite barrel was rendered obsolete and gradually phased out in the following two centuries.

(For reference pls. see the existing dual barrel cannon GSh-30-2. Developed in Soviet union and still in use. System is unique. Namely in efficiency economy and simplicity of the design. As well as reputation of faultless operation.)

In the years of the boom several newly established design bureaus worked on a unigue idea of two barrels operating against each other. Taking advantage of recoil generated by powerful blast by cased ammunition for caliber AC 2 . Recoil seemed powerful enough that ordinary conventional system of recoil reduction resulted in massively ovewight systems of existing models of autocannons. AC2, AC 5, AC 10, AC 20 and all subsequent improvements of this design prove unable to deal with the issue of excessive weight placing further strains on the chassis and gun operators. Heavy recoil of such powerful ammunition as is AC 5, AC 10 and almost impossible to control recoil of very powerful AC 20 caused that weight of those weapon systems reached unprecedented lvls. Newly proposed solution to this was seemignly contraproductive idea of two barrels each absorbing the recoil of the tandem sister barrel...

Several prototypes were created and by firing number of experimental cased or caseless cartridges was established that careful managed recoil absorbtion can be powerful enough to extract, load and prime barrel moving synchronized exact opposite direction. Further prototypes were developed and quickly pt to the test. after aprox fifty thousant rounds put through the experimental prototype N.205 Designed and developed in Design Bureau of young designers Nikolay Mosin and Jaroslav Strnad supervised by none other that grand grand son of author of legendary assault rifle platform AMK 75 - Modernized variant of infantry automatic rifle platform system Korechkin. (His grand grand dad.) He, now some 75 years of age supervised already mentioned young team of Mosin/Strnad. Archibald Arkadiy Korechkin contributed by providing innovative new light weight feeding system from belt less box feeding container. Enabling continual faultless supply of ammo into a weapon capable of self destruction under its own unregulated ever increasing rate of fire !

Autocannon itself is capable of firing burst of ammo in rapid ever increasing succession. When the first barrel reaches maximum forward position. Empty case from expended cartridge is already extracted and new cartridge is ready to be inserted into the chamber at the same moment when the second barrel in the most rear position starts to move forward. Therefore the cadency/rate of fire of such weapon is strictly speaking limited only by the speed of the barrel moving forward and backward under the force of the recoil. That caused several issues with loading and extraction as well as vibrations of firing weapon. Especially when the rate of fire had tendency to grow with the increasing lenght of the unregulated burst. RESOLUTION. The rate of fire had to be regulated !!! Especially when experimental piece Exp.N. 33 constructed in Mitischinsky Machinostroyniy Zavod (factory) N. 23 self destructed after exceeding percieved impossible rate of fire estimated as unbelievable 2100 rounds per minute. That incident showed the potential for damage to both soft and hard targets. And simultaneously gave the team of designers choices. Fire selector was introduced into the trigger group together with massive muzzle break which is signature feature for this design.

Hence Dual Barrel Autocannon with variable burst speed DBAC 2/5. Calliber 2 and 5 was born.

Here are the tactical technical data -TTD of DBAC 2/5: DBAC 2/5 Var2. Mass 5t. Heat 1 Basic Dmg 2 Regime of fire 1 2 3 JAMM rate of fire 1 crit NONE Fire 1 2 3 rounds 2 and 3 crit 2,3 = Jamm Heat 1 2 3 DMG 2 4 6 Crit. To HIt Roll 2D6 Unjamm Piloting skills + mod. +3 (Like RAC rule for unjamming.) 1 ton of Ammo: 40 rounds Range: Min/3 Short/8 Medium/16 Long/24

DBAC 2/5 var. 5 Mass 7t. Heat 3 Basic Dmg 5 Regime of fire 1 2 3 JAMM rate of fire 1 crit NONE Fire 1 2 3 rounds 2 crit 2,3 = Jamm Heat 3 6 9 3 crit 2,3,4,5 = Jamm DMG 5 10 15 Crit. To HIt Roll 2D6 Unjamm Piloting skills + 3 (Like RAC rule for unjamming.) 1 ton of Ammo: 15 rounds

Final weapon System Mosin/Strnad/Korechin was phenomenaly succesful.

New class of autocannons was created. DUAL BARREL AUTOCANNON. In Short the DBA were quickly tested by SDF Slavic defence Force -Institute of Inonvations and Adaptations. And DBA 2/5 wascquickly recomended for fielding.

As soon developement of DBAC 2/5 was succesfully closed. Order No. 225 High Caliber DBAC developement was issued.

Plan was to adapt already effcetive and efficient system for higher calibers. Such DBAC 10, 20 and talk was about expermental subclass of heavy autocannons Caliber 15. All this effort was aimed to overcome the known weakness of Magneticaly and electromagneticaly accelerated amunition. Direct variant of Gauss system of kynetic pojectiles acceleration/propulsion.

Work was assigned to another deisgn bureau as the Mosin/Strnad/Korechkin was preoccupied with the finishing touches of implementation of program DBAC 2/5 now also known as

Project K O R D.

This time Project L A N C E. As Project Kord was a complete succes. Sadly project Lance had issues from the beggining. Vibrations, current compozite aloy despite greater prcentage of Ttitaneum, crmium and other rare steel aitives simply was not hards yet flexible at the same time. Vibrations not only caused deformite in the frame, but also caused that the systém had to b recalibrated almost after every 10th or so ound sent through this weapon system. Vibration and microscopical cracks + aditional ware nd deformities forced touse thicker thus heavier parts. Accurancy also caused major concerns. As vibrations grew higher with the caliber, so di the over all mass. Simultaneously relayabilite went down almost exponentialy .Seeral weapons desitegrated after only 4000 rounds and when some staff got hurt during the net catastrophic malfunction. Bureau chief asked Academic Shipunov for assistance. Ans after aprox thre weeks over the drawing board. The combined team sent letter to the chief of the SDF Slavic defence Force - Institute of Inonvations and Adaptations. Infrming them that weigt to caliber ration is exponentialy groving. Current steel and Titaneum aloys are´nt capable to suport the weight and resist the vibration caused by firing such powerful ammo. Further developemend of Heavy DBAC 20 and it subclass 15 is therefore suspended until metalurgy reaches sufficient lvlv of progress and deliver alloyscapable to hold specifical requirements unique for this tyeof abuse. Hope and crtain lvl of promisse was mutualy shared when smaler caliber Cartridge waouldbe discussed.But to develop DBAC of caiber 7 or 8 is not promissing any real advantage on the actual battlefield. In Summary Projet Lance was deemed unsuccesful. Due to number of tehcnical issues unable to resolve with current lvl of metalurgy avalaible.

Also mentioning that by continuing developement of similar large caliber Balistic and Kynetic Weaponry may cause delay and resources isalocation into the research for mniaturisation inthe field of experimental optics.

Yours Sincerely.

Academic Valeriy Shipunov, chief of  Academy of Theoretical and experimental science.
Stojyn Jakotych, Chief designer Experimental Weaponry for Assimetrical Warfare Bureau.