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Production information
Manufacturer Veridian Dynamics
Mission Close-Support Artillery
Type Wheeled
Cost  ????
Technical specifications
Mass 40 tons
Armor Horden Ferro Plate
Engine Torrence Motors 140 Turbine I.C.E.
Speed 43 kph (Cruising
64 kph (Max) km/h
Crew  ????
Communications System Tordar ArgentComm 5
Targeting Tracking System Talon Technologies MAGNUS D
Heat Sinks None

1x Arrow IV Launcher

BV (1.0)  ????
BV (2.0) 653 [1]


The concept for the Vali was born during the last years of the Reunification War by the Star League Defense Force when they were fighting the Taurian Concordat. As most technology during this time was advancing faster than the ability to be able to place it on a new vehicle, crews created makeshift artillery batteries by placing the new Arrow IV technology on top of existing vehicles. After the war, this makeshift vehicle would be built for the SLDF by Veridian Dynamics.[2]

When the first prototypes were created and shipped out to SLDF crews, they appreciated the reliability, ease of maintenance, and the spacious compartments for the crew. The only downsides the crews voiced about the machine were its lack of adequate protection and the lack of available ammunition; these were addressed and fixed once the Vali went into full scale production in 2600. The upgrades that were made consisted of making the design hold five tons of ammunition and to beef up the armor to four tons which was enough to protect against counter-battery fire.[2]

The Vali was produced for more than fifty years and was a main stay in the forced of the SLDF through the twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth centuries. It fought all the way though Operation LIBERATION, suffering the highest losses of any artillery units. It is unknown if any were taken with on Kerensky's Exodus, but each of the Successor States were able to take possession of many of the vehicles, that were abandoned due to ammunition shortages, and participated in the Succession Wars.[2]


The only weapon that the Vali wields is a single Arrow IV launcher with five tons of ammunition; enough ammunition to be able to maintain a constant barrage for four straight minutes.[2]

Design Quirks

The Vali is subject to the following Design Quirks[2]:


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