Vision's Hunger

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Emblem-important.svg Apocryphal Product
Although it is an official BattleTech product, the subject of this article does not meet the current criteria for Canon for the BattleTech universe.
See the article's section on Canonicity for details.

Vision's Hunger
Product information
Type Novella/serialized Novel (part 2 of 8)
Author Randall N. Bills
Publication information
Publisher MechaPub Inc
First published 21 November 2019
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 4 August 2994
Series MechWarrior 5: Origins
Preceded by The Calm of the Void

Vision's Hunger is an original BattleTech novella penned by Randall N. Bills, the second of eight parts of a serial novel. It was offered as a free tie-in product supporting MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries and was released in electronic format on 18 November 2019.


This novella is a publication going with MechWarrior 5 and, like MechWarrior 5, derives from Piranha Games' license to BattleTech video games instead of the (distinct) "mainline" BattleTech license held by Catalyst Game Labs. As such it does not meet the criteria for canon in the "mainline" BattleTech universe and is therefore flagged as apocryphal.

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