Wangker Aerospace

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Wangker Aerospace is a fighter manufacturer that noted for constructing the Corasir, Eagle, and Thunderbird Classes of Aerospace Fighters.

Wangker Aerospace Corporate Logo

Company profile

Star League Era & Succession Wars

When first established prior to the fall of the Star League, then interstellar corporation was expanded to five differient worlds providing fighters for both the Terran Hegemony and the Federated Suns. Its most noted product, the Corsair, was noted product. The fighter was for the Star League Defense Force, whom was recovering from theAmaris Coup.[1]

The Succession Wars, were not kind to Wangker. Its plant on Connaught was captured by Free Worlds League forces. The plant's had a small production line, which produce limited amount fighters for the league. It and the rest of the its complexs that were targeted and destroyed in open rounds of the First Succession War. The corporation faced extinction with all of its manfacturing facilities layed into ruins. However, the company was able to deploy teams technicians and specialized reclamation to the ruins of its complexs. These teams salvage gathered all the usable equipment from these factories before they were worked over by salvagers. These materials were brought to the Axton, where that site was rebuilt by the middle of the Second Succession War. Due to complex being product of what became LosTech, it suffered over course of the centuries from being worn down.[2] The company's Axton site became the target of the Capellan Confederation raids. Those raid's damages inflicted to it were minor compared to the devastation of the First Succession War.

Recovery of Star League Technology

At dawn of the 31st Century, Wangker's production equipment signs of almost completely failing. The company was able rebuild during the 3020s and 3030s with recovery of the Helm Memory Core. This event the company's fortunes changed for the better. The recovered technology allowed the Company production lines become on fully and even enhancing its products to the FedSuns' armies.[3]

The Jihad and Devastation

The Jihad darken Inner Sphere in late 3067, the company able produce newer and latest technology enhancements for its aerospace craft.

Wangker's Axton complex was target of a raid by the 33rd Division of the Word of Blake in 3074. Wangker received the worse damage it seen since the First Succession War. The facilities were so damaged, that by 3075 its expanded complex was still unable produce any AeroSpace Fighters.[4]

In the Jihad era, it also housed a NAIS College of Militar Sciences Training Facility that trained Infantry, Battle Armor, BattleMech and Conventional Vehicle senior classmen, there can not finished their studies on the NAIS at their rebuilding.[5]


The companies CEO in 3067 is Baron Tevile Wester III.[3]


Wangker Aerospace has manufacturing centers on the following planet(s):


Note: Since the stard of the Jihad, the facility on Axton, suffers a capital and personal losses of 95%, and the operating capacity of the factory is reduced to 25% of their main production volume in 3079.[6]

Components produced on Axton:[7][8]
Component Type
THK-63 Tomahawk[9] Light Aerospace Fighters
CSR-12D Corsair[8] Medium Aerospace Fighters
CSR-V12 Corsair Medium Aerospace Fighters
CSR-V14 Corsair[7] Medium Aerospace Fighters
CSR-V18 Corsair (Jihad era)[10] Medium Aerospace Fighters
EGL-R6 Eagle[7] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
TRB-D36 Thunderbird[7] Heavy Aerospace Fighters
Wangker III Chassis - CSR-12D Corsair[8]
Wangker II Frame - Corsair[7]
Wangker IV Frame - Eagle[7]
Wangker VII Frame - Thunderbird[7]
General Motors 300 XL Fusion Engine - XL - CSR-12D Corsair[8]
Vlar 300 Fusion Engine - Eagle & Thunderbird[7]
Wangker S5 Heavy Ferro-Aluminum Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft - CSR-12D Corsair[8]
Rander 200B Communications System - CSR-12D Corsair[8]
Rander TA1000 Targeting-Tracking System - CSR-12D Corsair[8]
Exostar Large X-Pulse Laser - CSR-12D Corsair[8]
Exostar Medium X-Pulse Laser - CSR-12D Corsair[8]
Martell ER Medium Lasers - CSR-12D Corsair[8]


Note: Destroyed First Succession War[11]

Components produced on Connaught:
Component Type
CSR-V12 Corsair Medium Aerospace Fighters


Components produced on Mars:[12]
Component Type
THK-63CS Tomahawk[12] Light AeroSpace Fighters
Shipel 35-B Frame - Tomahawk[12]
Plasmastar 270 Fusion Engine - Tomahawk[12]
Fiber 10 Ferro-Aluminum Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles - Tomahawk[12]
Telestar Fortran Communications System - Tomahawk[12]
IMB SYS 5000 Targeting-Tracking System - Tomahawk[12]
Exostar IV Small Laser - for Export
Maxell SR Large Laser - for Export


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