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(References to Wei)

Systems neighbouring Wei
Systems neighbouring Wei
(Map Legend)
System Information
X:Y Coordinates 63.84:-119.18[e]
Star names 1
Spectral class G3IV[1][2]
Recharge station(s) Nadir[1]
Planets 9[2]

Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Orbital view of Wei
Orbital view of Wei
System position 3[1][2]
Jump point
Moons 2 (Arlis, Arils)[2]
Surface gravity 1.0[2]
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Breathable)[2]
Equatorial temperature 45°C[2]
Highest native life 10%, Reptiles[1]
Reference Year 3130
Ruler Lord Narik ben Noen (3025)[1]
Governor Chelsea Fawkes (3130)[2]
Capital Vandannis City[2]
Population 2,920,000,000 (3025)[1]
1,765,358,000 (3130)[2]
HPG (Representative) B[1]

Era Specific Data



  • Planetary Legate: Mina Parta[2]

Planetary Garrion


  • 4th St. Andre Task Group[4]


3050 to 3054



- At this point in time, the II Hastati was at 55% of full strength, with 95% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.

Owner History

Planetary Geography

Wei is dominated by a single continent named Province that covers almost 33% of the full surface of the planet. This supercontinent extends southeast from the northern hemisphere down into the southern hemisphere. A very large valley in the centre of the continent, Vandannis Valley, became the site of the planetary capital, Vandannis City.[2][3]

Planetary History

Planetary Flag of Wei

Early History

After founding, Wei became an agricultural world that supplied the worlds near it with the necessities of life.[2] Having been a member of the Sarna Supremacy for some years, in 2304[10] the inhabitants of Wei and the neighbouring system of Palos rebelled against the heavy-handed taxation and economic exploitation of the Supremacy government and declared themselves to be independent worlds. The Supremacy immediately sealed it's borders and began measures to recapture Palos, but within weeks the Capellan Hegemony had declared war on the Supremacy in support of the rebelling worlds.[11] Whilst the Hegemony proved incapable of preventing the recapture of Palos, the 4th St. Andre Task Group successfully defended Wei against forces from the Supremacy.[4]

Star League Era

It was discovered that some of the plants on Wei contained chemicals that when combined, produced a nerve gas. These plants were found in the southern reaches of Province, and the nerve gas would come to be given the military designation UrbStryc-A.[2]

Succession Wars

In the mid 3020s information obtained by intelligence sources pinpointed Wei as the location for a repository dating back to the Star League that acted as a repository for nerve gas agents. The nature of the repository was treated in a somewhat contradictory manner by the Capellan government and intelligence agencies; the Capellan government didn't acknowledge the existence of such a repository. In contrast with the government's denial, the military intelligence community viewed the repository as a potential military advantage due to the threat of seeing the nerve agents unleashed if needed. As a result, intelligence operatives leaked rumours of the repository's existance, in defiance of government denials.[1]

Fourth Succession War

When Federated Suns forces invaded Wei during the Fourth Succession War they discovered that the rumours of a nerve gas repository were true; the facility was located in a secret base at Bonganville, and while the gas was designed to kill immediately and be easily cleaned up, the gas could be trapped in the air filters of BattleMechs and Combat Vehicles only to evaporate later, entering the air circulation systems of contaminated equipment as minute particles. Before Wei was conquered the Federated Suns lost 2 battalions of troops to the deadly substance.[2]

Capellan/St-Ives War

Thuggee cultists made use of the UrbStryc-A from Wei during the Capellan-St. Ives War, attacking major population centres on Indicass and St. Ives with the nerve gas; the targets chosen by the cultists included Milos, the capital city of St. Ives.[2]

Sent to reclaim Wei for the Confederation during the War, the 1st McCarron's Armored Cavalry lost an entire Battalion of its troops to a 'rebel' nerve gas attack. The CCAF responded by sending the feared Death Commandos to take over the assault, allotting them just seven days to complete their mission. [28]

Infiltrating Wei without BattleMechs, the Commandos seized control of a major communications center to demand the planetary government's complete surrender within thirty minutes or they would make the demand again in exactly one week. When they did not receive a response, the Death Commandos set about enacting brutal terror campaign, systematically eliminating the highest ranking members of the planet's government and military forces and destroying the planet's military and government infrastructure, ignoring the frantic planet's attempts to now surrender. Just as they promised, the Death Commandos finally the frantic planet's request for surrender exactly seven days from their initial demand. [28]

The Jihad

Wei was incorporated into the Word of Blake Protectorate after a brief campaign during the first two weeks of December 3069.[24] During the last week of July 3075 the CCAF launched a campaign against the Word of Blake Protectorate garrisons on Menkar, Pleione and Wei. The civilian population of the three worlds took tens of thousands of civilian casualties during the offensive, as the Capellan forces used nuclear weapons to defeat the Blakists.[29][30]

In response to the recent raids and assaults on worlds within the Word of Blake Protectorate, the Blakists launched raiding parties against various worlds around the Protectorate border in early September 3076. Making use of weapons of mass destruction to augment the damage inflicted, the raiding parties - few of which were larger than a single Level III struck at the worlds of Algorab, Alnasi, Amity, Bordon, Connaught, Hunan, Kessel, New Hessen, New Kyoto, Ronel, St. Andre, Styk, Tsitsang and Wei. Of the worlds hit, the Capellan Confederation worlds - including the recently-liberated Wei - took the brunt of the fighting.[31][32]

During the course of the Jihad the UrbStryc-A from Wei would be used on dozens of worlds, resulting in deaths numbering in the tens of millions. Use of the gas wasn't limited solely to other worlds, however; the major cities on Wei were also hit with the gas, and half the planetary population was killed.[2]

In 3079 Wei was the site of a CCAF Duchy Regional Training Facility.[3]

Post-Jihad Era

The horrors of the Jihad were keenly felt on Wei, just as they were on the nearby world of Kansu; when Devlin Stone called for Wei to be incorporated the Republic of the Sphere, the surviving population offered no protest.[2]

Nearby Systems

Systems within 60 light-years (distance in light years)
Closest systems first:
Zaurak 12.9 New Athens 14.9 New Macao 16.9 Palos 18.7 St. Andre 20.3
Menkib 21.4 Tsitsang 22.5 Sakhalin 24.6 Shipka 24.8 Hunan 30.6
Matsu 31.5 Mandate 31.6 Achilles 31.9 Second Try 32.8 Highspire 36.4
New Aragon 36.7 Shensi 37.2 Sichuan 39.2 Poznan 39.3 Foot Fall 40.1
Kaifeng 41.1 Styk 43.4 Sarna 44.47 Yunnah 44.50 Foochow 46.8
Heligoland 48.10 Ulan Bator 48.14 Bell 49.6 Halloran V 51.66 Quemoy 51.69
Pleione 51.9 Algol 52.4 Plataea 52.6 Undra 52.8 Elnath 53.3
Suzano 53.7 Menkar 53.9 Remshield 54.3 Truth 54.6 Sarmaxa 54.8
Buchlau 56.6 Algot 58.38 Moravian 58.41 Randar 58.7 Corey 59.4


The distance to the Jump Point in the Wei system is given as 8 days in House Liao (The Capellan Confederation) and 9 days in Dark Age: Republic Worlds (3130). The date from the most recent publication has been used in this article.[1][2]


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