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Totem BattleMechs represent a Clan or faction's spirit, concept or totem-animal on which they were founded. More common among the Clans, particularly after Operation REVIVAL and in the later days of the Dark Age, these BattleMech designs often devote more resources to aesthetic "frills" than many others; These "frills" are often anthropomorphic or zoomorphic in appearance.

One example of the increased importance of the Totem 'Mech can be seen when these units are compared to the OmniMechs that regularly appeared in the Clan's front line Clusters. Those units, designed for brutal efficiency on the battlefield and quick production, lack all the special moldings, formed armor, and other design details used in the Totem 'Mechs.[1]

The use of a Totem Mech isn't limited to the Clans however. Many examples exist in the Inner Sphere as well. The Hatamoto-Chi of the Draconis Combine and the Yu Huang of the Capellan Confederation represent those realms' bushido ideal and Xin Sheng belief.[1]

Many 'Mechs are named after their clan, such as the Nova Cat or the JagerMech III was a part of the "Redesign for Davion Pride" project. However, this does not make the 'Mech a "Totem 'Mech". To be considered a as such a 'Mech is designed to visually resemble some part of the faction fielding them, such as the Eyrie, Gyrfalcon, Jade Hawk, and Shrike of the Jade Falcon's 3130's revival BattleMech line, all of which resemble the clan's totem bird of prey with their talons, hawk-like head assemblies, and heat-dissipating wings. Others, like the Draconis Combine totem 'Mech Shiro, which is symbolic of that faction's strong Japanese traditions and bushido, are powerful figureheads for commanders to lead their forces from.

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