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The Dismal Disinherited
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO General Terrence Krieger
JumpShips yes
DropShips yes
Aerospace yes
Armor yes
Infantry yes


Formed after the 1st Succession War from former CCAF soldiers with roots in the SLDF. The CCAF hunted the new merc unit, which found a save heaven in the FWL. The brigade could hold its strength through the 2 decades long heavy fighting, with the addition of family members and soldiers how left FWLM service.

The brigade work after this contract first for the LCAF, then the FedCom and lately the FedSun.

The 1st Regiment participated in the Allied Mercenary Command's assault on Mars in 3067 as part of Task Force Vengeance.

The 3rd Regiment participated in an AMC attack on Talitha on 8 December 3069, together with Burton's Brigade.[1]


General Terrence Krieger is a seasoned officer and inspiring leader.


General Krieger commands the entire brigade.


The Regiments support structure has the ability to meet all the Brigades technical demands. The technical staff are highly skilled in the repair of the worst damage imaginable. The common soldiers can act as astechs to free up the techs for the important repairs. The unit has access to DropShips and JumpShips



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