Northwind Military Academy

Northwind Military Academy
Academy Information
Location Northwind
Founding Year Succession War era
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Located just outside of Tara, the capital city of Northwind[1] the Northwind Military Academy was founded in 2365 to provide high-quality troops for the Northwind Highlanders. Despite only being supported by the Clan Elders of Northwind and, thus, never possessing the latest technology, NMA turned out well-trained cadets. NMA was only open to inhabitants of Northwind or descendants of the Northwind Highlanders.[2]

It survived the Word of Blake Jihad intact, and by default became the premiere military academy for The Republic of the Sphere. The Clan Elders donated the entire academy to the Republic, easing the hard feelings many had for the Highlanders. The Republic invested heavily in the Northwind Military Academy, and by 3085 it was able to offer training equal to most House military academies. The only military discipline not represented was naval service, but NMA had a special officer training track dedicated to those people nominated to the ranks of the Knights of the Republic. Most of the instructors were former ComGuard and Northwind Highlanders but in 3085 several veterans of the Capellan Confederation/Republic of the Sphere conflict had joined the staff.[3]

The Commandant of the Northwind Military Academy was Brigadier General Michael Maguire in 3085.[3]


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