Pearls's Ghost

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Pearls's Ghost
Product information
Type Special preview
Short story
Canon rumor
Author Randall N. Bills
Pages 6
Illustrations Kevin McCann
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 28 August 2004
Era Dark Age era
Timeline 17 September 3067
"Tuesday, 2865"

Written by Randall N. Bills as an experimental fiction format (an in-universe document; arbitrarily a short story) and published via BattleCorps, Pearl's Ghost is a report on a propaganda publication within the BattleTech universe in the sense of a canon rumor.

In its preface, the document is identified as a LIC document dated 17 September 3067 reporting on an enclosed Free Skye propaganda leaflet from Denebola and an alleged diary scrap from Angela Franks (the "Ghost of the Black Pearl") dated "Tuesday, 2865". The report explicitly questions the authenticity of the diary part.

The purported diary does not correspond with the established timeline of events surrounding the devastation of the (subsequently lost) world of Kannon and the capture of Sakhalin. It was confirmed by Line Developer Herbert A. Beas II in a May 2013 BattleChat that the document was a forgery.