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10th Armored Cavalry (Clan Star Adder)

Tenth Armored Cavalry Squadron
Unit Profile (as of 3063)
Parent Formation Alpha Galaxy[1]


In early 3073 the Star Adder Khan, Stanislov N'Buta, took Alpha Galaxy to the Tanis system to respond to the discovery that Clan Burrock had resurrected itself and the lack of contact from Galaxy Commander Tristyn N'Buta of Upsilon Galaxy. Acting on intelligence from Clan Cloud Cobra,[2] Stanislov took Alpha and Beta Galaxy to Nouveaux Paris, escorted by the Lola III-class destroyer Warlock and the Nightlord-class battleship Absolute Truth in pursuit of the Burrock Zeta Galaxy.[3]

When N'Buta's forces arrived at Nouveaux Paris, he discovered Eta Galaxy of Clan Hell's Horses already in system, escorted by the Potemkin-class cruiser Blood Horse and the Lola III-class Black Knight, engaged in battle with the Burrock, Dark Caste and Society forces who had taken control of the waystation. N'Buta demanded that the Horses get out of the way, and had the Absolute Truth and Warlock escort the bulk of Alpha and Beta Galaxies in a planetary assault, with Alpha dropping onto the planet while Beta's aerospace forces provided combat air support. Despite being hampered by Hell's Horses troops and Watch agents on the planet, the Burrocks were still able to spend two days rearming and preparing for the Star Adder assault.[3]

The Eighty-fifth Adder Cavaliers scored first blood, evading an ambush by the Eighteenth Warren Cluster and pinning the Eighteenth in place for destruction via a bombing run conducted by aerospace fighters from the Tenth Armored Cavalry[4]. Battles and skirmishes continued for several days in and around Paris Prime, the support city and main barracks the Hell's Horses had constructed on the planet, and at one point N'Buta was believed to have been killed in an ambush that saw bandit forces drop a reinforced rail depot on top of his 'Mech. The Star Adders managed to find and badly damage a number of Burrock DropShips in the Seine Valley, at the cost of many of their aerospace fighters, but were left with little choice but to withdraw from the surface of the planet when the Ninety-eighth Tanis Dragoons attacked the grounded Star Adder DropShips and declared that they had an atomic weapon they would use, stranding the Adders in the system, if they refused to withdraw.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 10th Armored Cavalry Squadron



Composition HistoryEdit


Unknown, at least a Trinary.



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