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Brion's Legacy

Brion's Legacy
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
JumpShips yes
DropShips yes
Aerospace yes
Armor yes
Infantry yes


Brion's Legacy was the second regiment of the Brion's Legion, created after the unit's stationing in Terra under ComStar contract.

The 2nd Regiment was assigned at the beginning of the Jihad as a reserve to the Bolan Province. Stationed on Bolan, the mercs had difficulty calming the situation down. After losing some units to ambushes the command increased their cooperation with the local leader. This events led to the rumors of their being the "pet" mercs of the planetary leader.[1] When the 52nd Shadow Division struck at Bolan on the 17th of February 3074, the defending 2nd Regiment was shattered and Bolan City razed.[2][3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Brion's Legacy
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Markham 3057
Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Li 3064


In contrast to its sister regiment, the 2nd uses a two step battle plan. 1st: use long-range weapons to soften the enemy before 2nd use your mobility to get in to close quarters and finish the engagement quickly. The mercenaries try to capture as much salvage as possible. The command is also known to set ambushes, building false units from scrap with bogus radio traffic as diversionary tactics. [4]

Composition HistoryEdit


Second Regiment: Brion's Legacy Regular/Reliable

  • CO/Ist Battalion: Lt. Colonel Robert Markham
  • XO: Major Douglas Li
2nd Battalion
  • Major Earnest Julio
3rd Battalion
  • Major Shane Fletcher
3rd Company/Recon
  • Lieutenant Sheila Olson

-Note: All 'Mechs in the Regiment are either Star League or Star League-refitted. 3rd Company is a specialized 6-unit recon lance with Star League era fast 'Mechs assigned.


Second Regiment: Brion's Legacy Regular/Reliable

  • CO: Lt. Colonel Douglas Li
  • XO: Major Shane Fletcher
1st Battalion
  • Major Sheila Olson
2nd Battalion
  • Major Charles O'Bannon
3rd Battalion
  • Major Alfred Goyle

-Note: Favors flexible engagement and meat grinder tactics as the situation requires. Prefers to use a deceptive tactical doctrine to hide force position and composition

Second Command Support Battalion Regular/Reliable
  • CO: Major Daryl Porter
The Support Battalion includes
1 Aerospace wing,
1 Artillery Battery
1 Infantry Company. The Infantry is trained in anti-'Mech tactics. The unit having two platoons of Combat Engineers also incorporate.


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