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Camille Klein

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Camille Klein
Occupation Author
BattleTech forum handle AcidQueen

Camille Klein was an avid BattleTech fan and later author, active primarily during the 1990s and early 2000s.

On the newsgroup, Camille Klein headed the (unofficial) fan club "Church of BattleTech" which was set up in 1994. FASA asked her to change the name, and it became the "Ministry of BattleTech" instead.

She was a vocal detractor of the BattleTech Cartoon series, and famously fought a good-natured "Trial of Grievance" against then-Line Developer Bryan Nystul at the FASA office in Chicago in 1995;[1] it was during this meeting that Nystul passed his infamous Gausszilla design around for laughs, but contrary to popular belief it was not used in the actual Trial according to the transcript.

Camille Klein is also credited for contributions to several canonical sourcebooks, including


  1. transcript postings of the duel found here