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Dante's Detectives

Dante's Detectives
Unit Profile (as of 3069)
CO Jimmy Dante
JumpShips yes
DropShips yes
Aerospace yes
Armor no
Infantry no



MercNet observers have theorized that Dante's Detectives might have began as a corporate security force of IrTech (prior the the decision of the company to align with the Free Worlds League and their Blakist allies).[1]

First AppereanceEdit

The unit first appearance was in 3069, just after the Blakist White-Out. Their first mission sent them to Wyatt. The unit's Union Dropship descended near the small hamlet of Groveport leaving there a force of light vehicles and Security Mechs that quicky isolated a small warehouse in the town's outskirts which their accompanying Infantry secured.

In response to their actions, a small vehicle force (formerly the remains of the local militia) assaulted them. That was part of Dante's plan, and CellCo Ranger police vehicles and Inquisitor SecurityMechs made short work of the attacking units with precision and coordination, showing a previous depth research in order to pinpoint their target and assess their defenses.[1]


After that mission, Dante's Detectives immediately undertook several missions seemingly aimed at determining the status of IrTech properties throughout Marik and Steiner space.

The unit is recognized as an efficient one, and the Detectives have carried out precision raids in record time, from the expanding Blakist Protectorate region to locales near the Jade Falcon-Lyran border.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Dante's Detectives
Jimmy Dante 3069[1]


Dante's Detectives are not a typical command. They are known to use guile and wit as often as they do BattleMechs to determine the status of their objectives on hostile planets.

Their start this extensive research on board of their Tramp-class JumpShip Nero Wolfe, where the unit scans in-system communications to analyze the situation planetside. Once this is known, Dante's Detectives launched the unit's Dropship (Archie Goodwin) deploys and during transit the unit formulates their plan, focusing on meticulous tactics and minimal hostile contact).[1]

Dragoon RatingsEdit


Dragoon Rating: Unrated[1]

Composition HistoryEdit


  • Dante’s Detectives
    • The unit's forces are small, numbering only a reinforced lance of BattleMechs led by Rocco "The Dean" Giambrocco and a handful each of security vehicles and SecurityMechs - almost all of IrTech design or manufactured by local operations. The command’s true strength lies within its extensive intelligence apparatus built into the bays of the JumpShip Nero Wolfe.[1]


Game RulesEdit

Opposing units may not use hidden forces when fighting the Detectives. All Detectives 'Mech and vehicle units may - at the controlling player’s option - be rolled using the C column of the Free Worlds League Random Assignment Table (see p. 26, FMUpdates).

During any scenario in which the Detectives are acting as the attacking force, the Detectives' controlling player must secretly nominate one hex within two hex rows of the Defending player's home edge (or the farthest point from the Detectives' home edge if there is more than one edge to choose from) and write down the hex number on a slip of paper. This hex represents the Detectives' secret mission objective. To win the scenario, the Detectives player must get at one of his units to that hex and spend a full turn there - from Initiative to End Phase - without either moving or attacking anything. At the end of the following turn, the Detectives are considered to have successfully reached their objective and may withdraw immediately. The scenario is considered a Detectives victory - regardless of any other victory conditions - as long as the Detectives unit that reached the objective safely escapes through its own home edge.

In CBT: RPG games, characters from Dante's Detectives may increase their bonus in any two Skills from the Police, Scout, or Detective Fields.[2]


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