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Dieron District Gymnasium

The Dieron District Gymnasium (DDG) is a military academy on Dieron within the Draconis Combine which produces MechWarriors. Compared to other military academies, the DDG is quite liberal in its educational style and outlook. The school accepts any applicant who meets the physical and mental standards, regardless of their political or philosophical standing (though it is known the ISF keeps tabs on the DDG to prevent infiltration). Cadets are allowed to train at their own pace, and classes are scheduled when necessary, often taking the form in impromptu gatherings in one of the corners of the massive gymnasium building.[1][2]

Dieron District Gymnasium
Dieron District Gymnasium Patch
Dieron District Gymnasium Patch
Academy Information
Location Dieron
Founding Year Succession War era
Course Information

In 3025 the school had a dozen training 'Mechs and graduates approximately 15 MechWarriors each year. The DDG was far less prestigious than Sun Zhang or the Sun Tzu School of Combat. DDG emphasizes battle readiness over loyalty to House Kurita, however, and so graduates were more prepared for combat than many who graduate from the high-brow schools.[3]

Instructors keep tabs on student attendance by determining, in their judgement, those who put in the proper amount of study time. If a student has put in sixteen hours of quality study time, they are allowed one hour of simulator time. After five hours of simulator time, cadets are allowed one hour in a BattleMech, either on the live-fire range or simulated combat range. Five hours of 'Mech time earns a cadet a twenty-four hour training mission, limited to one mission a week. Once any three instructors have determined that a student is ready, they are given a final series of simulator tests, with those passing graduating from the DDG.[2]

The unique structure of the DDG means that students who work hard excel faster than others and graduate sooner, though some purposefully go at a slower pace. Regardless, on average the DDG graduates fifteen to twenty MechWarriors a year, most of whom will serve the Dieron Military District.[1][2]

The Academy was shut down in 3068, but reopened in late 3078. A disproportionate number of ISF agents were among the first class of battlesuit trainees.[4]


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