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Flamer (Battle Armor)

Production information
Tech Base Clan/IS
Year Availability 2868 (CW) / 3050 (FC)
Technology Rating C
Availability Ratings X/X/B
Technical specifications
Damage 2
Minimum Range 0
Short Range 1
Medium Range 2
Long Range 3
Mass 150 kg
Critical Slots 1
Mass Per Reload .5kg (10)
Cost (unloaded) 7,500
BV (2.0) 5[1]
Ammo BV (2.0) 1[1]


A Flamer is potent incendiary weapon mounted on several Battle Armor designs, although it has more in common with vehicular flamethrowers than 'Mech-based Flamers. Lacking a fusion engine from which to draw plasma means a reservoir of combustible fuel must be carried to achieve the same effect. While smaller in size this Flamer is no less deadly than its larger cousins.[2]


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