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Fortress of Lies

Fortress of Lies.jpg
Fortress of Lies
Product information
Type Novel
Author J. Steven York
Pages 297
Cover artwork Ray Lundgren
Publication information
Publisher Roc Books
First published 3 February 2004
ISBN-10 0451459636
ISBN-13 978-0451459633
Era Dark Age era
Timeline 3134
Series MechWarrior: Dark Age Novels
Preceded by By Temptations and By War
Followed by Patriot's Stand

Fortress of Lies, by J. Steven York, is the eighth novel set in the Dark Age era.

From the back coverEdit

After his victory on New Aragon, Duke Aaron Sandoval has the embattled Republic in his debt. But Sandoval's hidden agenda has more to do with his own power than any loyalty he ever had to The Republic of the Sphere. He'll spare no expense to achieve his ultimate goal.

When the Duke becomes the target of an assassination attempt, he realizes that his efforts to build a coalition against the invading House Liao are failing. Many planetary governors prefer capitulation to war. What he needs is a new ship and a new approach.

To launch his campaign, Sandoval sends his nephew Erik, fresh from the front lines, to Shensi. His job is to convince the governor to join his uncle's alliance instead of making peace with Liao. Although Erik is honored to be the Duke's strong right hand, he's convinced that his uncle's arrogance is getting the better of him. But what Erik doesn't yet realize is that his uncle will sacrifice anyone to achieve his dreams of glory...


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