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Griffin's Pride

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Unit Profile (as of 3145)
CO Colonel Adela Griffin[1]
Formed 3041



After Kyalla Centrella was deposed by her daughter Emma in 3040, Baroness Sabine Griffin felt unable to serve the new Magestrix. Liquidating the vast majority of the families holdings and resigning her commission in the Magistracy Armed Forces Sabine set about forming her own mercenary unit: The Griffin's Pride[2]

By 3145 the unit were working for the Free Worlds League stationed on Escobas.[1][3] At the time they were rated as a reliable veteran unit, at 60% their nominal strength of two battalions,[1] though their exact composition was not specified.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Griffin's Pride
Major Sabine Griffin 3041 - 3054[2]
Brevet Major Elise Kerrig-Griffin 3054 - 3067[2]
Colonel Adela Griffin 3145[1]



Composition HistoryEdit



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