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Production information
Manufacturer Adam Tech Industries[1]
Production Year 3112[2]
Model HVC-P6[1]
Class Light
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 35 tons
Chassis X-H54 Endo Steel[1]
Armor Jolassa 328 Ferro-Fibrous with CASE II[1]
Engine Hermes 280 XL[1]
Communications System Datacom 70[1]
Targeting Tracking System Octagon Tartrac System E[1]
Heat Sinks 11 Double Heat Sinks[1]
Speed 129[1] km/h
Jump Jets Chilton 360

4x ER Medium Lasers[1]
1x SRM 4[1]

BV (2.0) 1,255[1][3]


Designed by Adam Tech Industries and manufactured from their plant on Abadan, the Havoc was inspired by the JR7-K Jenner and managed to improve on many of the JR7-K's design features. The combination of almost double the Jenner's armor, a ten percent increase in speed thanks to the Hermes 280 XL engine and a weapons loadout that allowed it to battle 'Mechs heavier than itself spurred the Adam Tech advertising campaign, which was geared exclusively towards pilots of light BattleMechs. The advertising slogan for the Havoc was "In any battle, you only pilot one 'Mech" - which earned the Havoc the nickname "the One".[1]

The key to the Havoc's success was the Octagon Tartrac System E, considered the best short-range targeting and tracking system available on the market at the time and often compared to the highly successful and effective Garret D2j targeting system. The Octagon system identified threats faster than comparable systems, an invaluable aid to MechWarriors in the field. The Havoc also mounted five Chiltern 360 Jump Jets distributed throughout the Havoc's torso locations, allowing it to jump up to 150 meters.[1]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

The Havoc mounted paired Diverse Optics Extended-Range Medium Lasers in each arm along with a Hovertec Quad SRM 4 Launcher mounted in the center torso. The SRM 4 system was supplied with two tons of ammunition stored in a CASE II-protected storage area in the left torso, allowing the Havoc to carry specialty ammunition natures as needed.[1]

Design QuirksEdit

The Havoc is subject to the following Design Quirk:


INN 3136 gave the following description of the Havoc:

For the sake of mental exercise, I’m actually taking the time to analyze this piece. Looking at the rest of the specs, it doesn’t seem to be a bad design. It’s packed incredibly tight; there’s no unused tonnage on this thing anywhere. And from what I can see it has 97% of the armor it could have. It does, however, look like it would run hot for an aggressive pilot. I wonder if they held back on the heat sinks? The jump jets are a little limited at 150 meters, but with the armor it’s got, it should be fairly survivable.

The HVC-P2, HVC-P3, HVC-P5 and HVC-P9 variants of the Havoc have not yet been canonized outside MechWarrior: Age of Destruction.

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