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House Marsden

House Marsden
Title(s) Duke of Donegal
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth

House Marsden were the founding family of the Protectorate of Donegal, one of the three states that would later merge to form the Lyran Commonwealth.



Marsden Family TreeEdit

Seth Marsden
Kevin Marsden[1]
Rebecca Marsden[1]
Simon Marsden
Timothy Marsden[1]
Jacob Marsden[1]
Lucille Marsden[1]
Henry Marsden[1]
Robert Marsden[1]Alistair Marsden
Katherine Steiner
Deven Reynolds
Steven Marsden[1]
Ian Marsden[1]
Jennifer Marsden[1]
Alistair Steiner
Michael Reynolds
House Steiner
House Reynolds
Nejama Beersheba-Marsden[2]

Family Heirlooms and HoldingsEdit


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