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Production information
Manufacturer Earthwerks Incorporated
Production Year 2504[1][2]
Model KSC-3I
Class Heavy
Cost 5,978,417 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 65 tons
Chassis Earthwerks KSC
Armor Maximillian 400
Engine VOX 325
Communications System Neil 2000
Targeting Tracking System RCA Instatrac Mark IV
Heat Sinks 10
Speed 86 km/h
BV (1.0)  ??
BV (2.0) 1,255[1][3][4]


The product of heavy government investment, the Koschei was the second BattleMech produced in the Capellan Confederation. Since the Confederation Defense Company was not interested in helping, Earthwerks and the Confederation invested in improving the infrastructure on Tikonov and recruiting local engineers. The first Koscheis were produced in 2504. Production of the 3I stopped in 2714 to make way for an improved variant. By the time of the Succession Wars there were few such 'Mechs on the battlefield.[1]

In 3067, Tikonov returned to the Capellan Confederation. Earthwerks marked the occasion by reintroducing the Koschei, but the Xin Sheng movement left little room for a 'Mech designed with Slavic tastes in mind. As such, the 5I found acceptance with mercenary units.[1]

The Koschei was a fast heavy 'Mech for its time, topping out at 86 km/h. Twelve tons of armor provide a high level of protection.[1]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

The primary weapon of the Koschei is an Imperator-B Autocannon/10. This low-heat weapon still has respectable range and firepower. It is backed up by Magna Mk II Medium Lasers. The standard allotment of heat sinks is almost thoroughly sufficient for the 'Mech.[1]


  • KSC-3L 
    An effort to improve long-range firepower, the 3L took out one laser and the autocannon to make room for a Large Laser and LRM-15. BV (2.0) = 1,384[5]
  • KSC-5X 
    Still on the drawing board as of 3075 is a new variant that utilizes an experimental Claw and pulse lasers to go with the jump jets. It is to be an urban combatant. BV (2.0) = 1,554[14][15]



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