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Laurent InfoMedia

Laurent InfoMedia is a Free Worlds League based publishing and data services company catering to the conspiracy-theorist fringe market.[1]

Company ProfileEdit

League Stock Market Symbol: None - Unlisted.[1]

Home Office: Portent, Gibson (circa 3067).[1]

President/CEO: Arnaud Rai (circa 3067).[1]


Founded in 3054 and taking advantage of Gibson's legendary pre-Word of Blake religious tolerance, Laurent InfoMedia quickly established a reputation for publishing "fringe" material that none of the more mainstream publishers would touch. The company's revisionist views on science and history often conflicts violently with accepted facts, but Laurent has garnered huge sales among fringe elements who find the company's version of the facts more palatable to their own questionable beliefs.

Among Laurent's best sellers are:

  • A book alleging that an alliance of the Great Houses together conspired to murder Simon Cameron on New Silesia.[1]
  • A volume uncovering a secret alliance between House Selaj and House Marik.[1]
  • A title revealing the true party behind the assassination of Captain-General Janos Marik - his son Thomas Marik.[1]
  • A book with solid information that the distrusted Romas are actually spies for the invading Clans.[1]
  • A title detailing Hanse Davion's ongoing manipulation of the Federated Suns following his faked death in 3052.[1]
  • Famous for Fifteen Murders: Serial Killers and Terrorists of the Free Worlds - Published in 3065, this volume supposedly detailed the tragic and lurid facts of bloodthirsty House Sian-Marik and their brutal vendetta against the main branch of House Marik.[2]
  • Skeletons in the Closet: Secrets of the Successor Lords - Published 3063, this volume included the claim that House Sian-Marik assassinated Mikhail Marik's secret mistress Reiko Makayoshi and daughter Hideyo to shatter Mikhail emotionally, successfully triggering his suicide. [3]

As of 3067 Laurent Infomedia's latest volume described the League intelligence agency SAFE's great coup - the assassination of Draconis Combine Coordinator Yoguchi Kurita, insisting Snow Fire was actually a SAFE agent who misdirected the Combine into believing she worked for the Lyran Commonwealth, the tome expected to be as successful among its intended market as it is preposterous.[1]


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