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Mówáng Class Courier
Production information
Manufacturer Various
Use Luxury Intra-System Transport
Type (Shape) Civilian Aerodyne Small Craft
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost 3.5 Million C-Bills
Introduced 2835
Technical specifications
Mass 100
Structural Integrity 6
Length 22m
Width 18m
Engine (Type) Fusion
Safe Thrust 4
Maximum Thrust 6
Fuel 21 tons
Burn Rate 11.41
Armament None
Armor Standard Armor
Heat Sinks 0
Crew 3
Passengers 3
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0)


The Mówáng is a small luxury spacecraft designed during the early part of the First Succession War. In service for House Liao's nobility, the House of Scions decreed that the manufacturing license was open, allowing it to be built by anyone. The ship was conceived to allow House Liao Diems to enjoy the pleasures of owning their own personal spacecraft, giving them the means to convey them anywhere in their star system in comfort and privacy. Since the ship's introduction, it has seen wide use among the Capellan nobility.[1]

Equipment and CapabilitiesEdit

The Mówáng features a single first-class passenger stateroom with a pair of steerage-rated cabins for a noble's aides. The ship is noted for simplicity in manufacture, which allows it to be built at a low cost while transporting its passengers in extreme comfort.[1]

The ship has a small cargo capacity of five and a half tons with a single cargo door accessing the space. Its hull is protected by two and a half tons of standard armor.[1]


  • Clandestine 
    Developed by the Word of Blake from several hulls donated to them by Kali Liao this variant of the craft can carry two Level Is of battle armor into combat. A smaller engine reduces the top speed to 2.5Gs but frees room in the hull. The passenger cabins were also removed. Protected by four tons of standard armor, it lacks any weapons. After the Jihad only one remained available, controlled by Captain Miles Simpson. He uses the craft in terrorist operations. The Mówáng Clandestine activates an Angel ECM Suite to jam communications, then bombs a civilian target. After deploying the battle armor, it waits to extract them or bomb responding forces. The Mówáng Clandestine has an eleven and a half ton cargo bay.[2] BV (2.0) = 272[3]

Design QuirksEdit

The Mówáng (Clandestine) variant is subject to the following Design Quirk:[2]


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