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Magestrix Guard

Magestrix Guard.png
The Magestrix Guard
Unit Profile (as of 2583)
Parent Formation Magistracy Armed Forces
Formed pre-2577
Disbanded 2584


The Magestrix Guard was one of the first units formed by the Magistracy of Canopus prior to the Reunification War and acted as the personal guard of the Magistracy ruler, the Magestrix.[1][2]

Reunification WarEdit

Relatively little is known of the Magestrix Guard; what is known is that the Guard were based on the world of Canopus IV when the SLDF Task Force Canopus under Captain-General Marion Marik, launched an invasion of the Magistracy of Canopus under the orders of the Star League First Lord, Ian Cameron, in 2577. The court of the Magestrix was based in the city of Delphi on Canopus, up until the end of the Reunification War, rather than the modern capital of Crimson; it is likely that the Magestrix Guard were assigned around the city or the court, in their role as the bodyguard regiment for the Magestrix.

The Magestrix Guard remained on Canopus for much of the war, up until the invasion of Canopus IV itself in 2584. The MAF had six BattleMech regiments on Canopus at the time, including the Magestrix Guards, plus conventional and home guard regiments. SLDF landings began in early April; the defending Magistracy Armed Forces units put up a fierce resistance, turning the invasion into a grueling month-long series of battles. The MAF first contested the landings and deployments in the terrain around the Thetis River, before being forced slowly back to the city of Delphi; then followed several days of battles in and around the industrial facilities owned by Majesty Metals and Manufacturing, before the final siege of the city itself. The closing days of the campaign resembled a meat grinder, with heavy losses taken on both sides until the MAF defenses were breached and the defenders forced to surrender.[3] The battle for Canopus was the last major battle the 4th Brigade fought during the Reunification War.[2][4]


All of the pre-war MAF units were either destroyed during the conflict or were forced to disband by 2588; the Magestrix Guards would never be rebuilt, although their unit insignia would be kept alive through the unit, which became known as Raventhir's Iron Hand, the first of several units which formed a brigade within the MAF known as the Magistracy Royal Guards.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Magestrix Guard






A question was raised on the Catalyst Game Labs forum asking for clarification over whether the Magestrix Guard listed within Historical: Reunification War and the modern Magistracy Royal Guards were the same unit based on conflicting details from Field Manual: Periphery and received the following response:

Nope, not the same unit. They're similarly named (and may have been incorporated into the Magistracy Royal Guard) but the Magestrix Guard were intended as the bodyguard unit for Canopus' leader (hence sitting on Canopus for much of the campaign).
  — Chris Hartford, Historical: Reunification War writer


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