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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Breakout

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Lawhorn: Okay, Eric. Here’s the Op. Before the Legion can make planetfall on Kentares, we need to neutralize a section of their orbital defense grid – specifically, a pair of mobile orbital defense lasers, called MODLs for short. Steiner has paid off the Corvatti Mining Corporation to smuggle a Medium lance of Legion ‘Mechs into a remote spaceport on Kentares.

Eric: Let me guess, that Medium lance is Striker Lance?

Lawhorn: Good guess! You’ll be hidden alongside heavy mining equipment to avoid casual detection. I’m sending Mandril along as your Tac Officer. Your tech support will be light, but with some healthy scavenging, you should be able to survive the two weeks until the Legion is ready for planetfall.

Eric: Looks like we get to be the pirates, for once.

Lawhorn: Roger. Mandril also has leads on the Kentares black market. You’ll be able to trade for weapons and chassis until the Legion makes planetfall.

Eric: Aye, sir. Striker Lance will deliver.

Lawhorn: See you on Kentares. We’re all counting on you, Captain McClair.

Mandril: Congratulations on your promotion, Captain. In our next mission, firepower will be of the utmost importance. We have limited intel on what we might be facing in the spaceport, and our support vehicles will be extremely vulnerable until we get to a defensible HQ. After the mission, I’ll make contact with the black market. I’ll report any findings in the MechLab market roster. Check there to see what’s available.


Breakout: Your lance will be landing at the Kentares IV spaceport smuggled aboard a Corvatti DropShip. You must get your lancemates and support vehicles out of the spaceport safely. The Legion is counting on you to pave the way.


Eric: Striker Lance, we’re showing no ‘Mech activity in the spaceport. Once we touch down, get the tech vehicles clear ASAP. We’ll get Nav plots from Mandril once we’re on the ground. Intel reports two calliope turrets flanking the main gate, so watch out for them.

Mandril: Eric, we’ve got trouble. The freighter captain reports a Dresari Hrothgar has landed at another dock in the port. No troop disposition yet, but it’s a military-class DropShip. We have to get out of here fast.

Eric: You heard the lady, Striker Lance. Engage Dresari units and clear a path for the APCs.

Isabel: That’s got to get somebody’s attention.

Mandril: Striker One, the Hrothgar’s reactor is offline. Better take the APUs out to keep it that way.

Radcliffe: Looks like a convoy of missile tracks.

Olsen: Like shootin’ fish in a barrel.

Radcliffe: This is Striker Two. I read two ‘Mechs powering up inside the spaceport. Looks like a pair of Ravens.

Olsen: These guys are everywhere.

Eric: Keep it together, Striker Four. Remember, we still have to deal with a pair of calliopes outside the gate.

Mandril: The base is clear of hostiles. Convoy is moving to Nav Beta. Continue on course to Gamma. Marking escape point as Nav Delta.

Mandril: Inbound heavy choppers, heading one-three-zero.

Mandril: Reading more enemy comm traffic. Looks like a ‘Mech patrol. Delta is no good for escape. Repeat, Delta is compromised. Marking new escape point Nav Epsilon.

Isabel: That’s the last of them, sir.

Eric: Roger, Striker Three. Striker Lance, rendezvous with convoy en route to Nav Epsilon. Let’s get outta here.

Mandril: Striker One, this is Mandril. We’re showing immediate area clear of hostiles. We should be in pretty good shape. Steiner intel on this area shows an abandoned mine six klicks east of here. It should suffice as a temporary HQ while we plan our next move.

Eric: Affirmative. I’ll take point.